For your sign holder you will need:

  • 4 photo prints of your favourite images in 5"x3" (9cm) format
  • 1 wooden board approx. 50cm in length
  • If you wish, paint and brushes
  • 4 wooden pegs
  • Craft utensils (scissors, wood glue or adhesive strips and adhesive photo pads, pencil, ruler)

How it's done:

  1. Choose 4 photo prints you wish to use for your sign holder. For example, you could use a photo of every member of the family, or alternatively, four photos that fit together either on a theme, or optically, in order to ensure a great look. Use all portrait or all landscape images for the most impressive results.
  2. Cut all photos down to just under 12cm (approx 4 and a half inches) in length. This helps to ensure that your photos are even represented
  3. You can also stain the wooden board to match the photo prints.
  4. Measure out and mark where you want the laundry pegs to go on the board. Leave a gap on the edge and between the photos themselves. If you use photos with a width of 12cm and want to use a board measuring 50cm, place the first peg 6.5cm in from the left, the second 19cm, the third at 31.5cm and the last one approx 44cm from the left. You can, of course, vary the distance between photos depending on the size of your photos and your own, individual requirements.
  5. Now use glue or adhesive strips to affix the pegs to the board, using the marks you have made as a guide.
  6. Finally, stick the photo prints to the pegs using adhesive photo pads or wood glue.

We hope you enjoy getting creative!