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Overview of all materials

Photo posters
Present your favorite photo on a beautiful Premium Poster photo paper
Canvas Print
The well-known and most popular material for large-scale pictures.
Forex Print
Light-weight Forex plate with a rough surface, suitable for buildings or nature motives.
Aluminium Print
Beautiful, stable and durable
Acrylic Print
Impressive depth effect, suitable for moist rooms.
Gallery Print
The most elegant material to decorate your home.
Adhesive Poster
Adhesive PVC poster, re-usable and sticks to most surfaces. 17 different sizes available.
Pixum gallery
If you're looking for a motive, feel free to use our gallery with over 14 mio. professional photos.
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Framed photos
Give your favorite pictures a stunning frame, select one of our 18 beautiful wooden or metal frames to go with your personal poster.
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Material divsersity in all sizes

When creating your own wall photo we offer hundreds of combinations in design- and material possibilities. Design your own masterpiece with almost endless possibilities.

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Photo panel with your photos
  • Select up to 8 photos
  • Choose background if you wish
  • Available on Forex, Acrylic, Aluminum photo and Gallery print
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Photo collages with your photos
  • Up to 4 photos
  • 10 different designs
  • Available as Poster, Adhesive Poster, Forex, Acrylic, Aluminum and Gallery Print
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Prices and materials

True matte
Extra glossy