Cherished moments forever displayed in crystal gifts

Looking for some very special crystal gifts? Take the photo of your precious memory, magical moment, or loved one and have it etched in a modern crystal display.

At Pixum, we use laser technology to actually etch your favourite photo in crystal. Your most loved photo, captured for all time, creates a dramatic display that is breath taking from every view. We offer an exciting selection of eye-catching crystal gifts ideas, such as the crystal key ring, the crystal photo frame - which is available in rectangular or heart shapes, the cool crystal memo-clip, and the elegant crystal pen holder.

Crystal isn't just an object of great beauty. For ages, many people have put faith in crystal's light reflecting properties and believe that they also have special benefits for your health and your surroundings. No mater what your opinion, you can't deny that these crystal gifts are perfect for any occasion and will please even the most discriminating of tastes. Each one is a unique piece to frame your most cherished memories of friends, family, and loved ones.

Our crystal products make wonderful gifts that not only look good today, but will be a conversation piece for years and decades to come. These personalised gifts, for example, are great for welcoming that new child or grandchild, remembering that special moment in time, cool and trendy graduation gifts, keeping the face of that special loved one close, and wedding gifts for the happy couple, as well as mementos for the wedding party. Whatever your special occasion, we have ideas to create truly memorable crystal gifts. With such a wide selection to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect match for that special someone.

Pixum produces all your photo gifts in the highest quality!

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