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Let your favourite picture stand out as true Wall Art and choose the matching poster size from a great variety of formats.


The Pixum Photo Posters are highly UV-resistant and offer maximum colour brilliance.

Photo posters on photo printing paper matt are printed on specially coated printing paper. Photo posters on photo paper extra matt, satin-finish, metallic glossy and extra glossy are developed on professional photo paper. Photo posters on artistic paper matt are developed on strong, watercolour-like paper. These high-quality materials and printing options enable you to get the most out of your photos and bring your pictures to life. Optional framing is possible with all photo posters.

  • Premium quality in various sizes and finishings
  • Available in matt, extra matt, satin-finish, extra glossy and metallic glossy
  • High UV resistance
  • Maximum colour brilliance
  • Safe packaging: The photo posters are delivered in specially produced flat packages and poster tubes

Sizes & prices

With the help of our price calculator, you can easily calculate the price for your personal Pixum Wall Art by adapting the characteristics of the product according to your wishes:

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    Available in the following paper types

    • Photo Paper extra matt

      • Extra matt
      • Developed on professional high-quality photo paper
      • Especially beautiful results with black-and-white pictures
      • Paper: 234g/m≤
      • 12 sizes available: 20◊20 cm - 75◊50 cm

    • Artistic Paper matt

      • Elegant visual appearance
      • Developed on professional photo paper
      • For aesthetically demanding pictures
      • Paper: 305g/m≤
      • 12 sizes available: 20◊20 cm - 75◊50 cm

    • Photo Paper extra glossy

      • Extra glossy visual appearance
      • Developed on professional high-quality photo paper
      • For that extra glossy result
      • Paper: 234g/m≤
      • 12 sizes available: 20◊20 cm - 75◊50 cm

    • Photo Printing Paper matt

      • Silky matt surface
      • Printed on photo printing paper
      • This classic poster print is suitable for all kinds of pictures
      • Paper: 234g/m≤
      • 43 sizes available: 20◊20 cm - 225◊150 cm
      • Also available with a fitting frame

    • Photo Paper metallic glossy

      • Soft pearlescent-metallic appearance
      • Developed on professional photo paper
      • The metallic glossy finish gives your picture a particularly strong depth effect
      • Paper: 267g/m≤
      • 12 sizes available: 20◊20 cm - 75◊50 cm

    • Photo Paper satin-finish

      • Satin-finish with a high-quality pattern structure
      • Developed on professional photo paper
      • Gives your picture that retro-finish feeling
      • Paper: 246 g/m≤
      • 12 sizes available: 20◊20 cm - 75◊50 cm

    More than a poster

    Framed photos

    Frame your favourite moments in life and choose from lots of different frames in metal, wood or plastic. You order, we frame it for you.

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    The Pixum Photo Poster

    Print a photo poster at Pixum

    Get more out of your photos and have them printed as posters at Pixum. You can choose from more than 42 formats, many of which allow you to have your poster made into a framed photo print. You can also choose from different paper types. This way you can choose the right texture and visual for your photo subject.

    Matt photo posters in five formats

    Depending on your camera and presets, your photos may not have the usual 3:2 settings for digital cameras. Still, you will have a choice of other formats that will match your photos size. In addition to the standard 4:3 and 3:2 formats, it is also possible to print your photo in a panorama format or as a square poster print. The usual standard dimensions of the analogue cameras can also be selected. Look at your camera's settings and decide which format best suits your photo's theme.

    Excellent image quality and brilliant colours

    Apart from being our most affordable large photo printing solution, photo posters are printed with high-quality colours on premium paper. The matt poster made from 240 g/m≤ premium paper, on which the images are printed using a high-quality 12-colour printing process. Perfect printing quality and maximum luminosity create a top quality photo product that you will be able to hold in your hands in just a few days.

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