• the easiest photo book maker, 100% free
  • incl. a plenty of free designs
  • comfy on your big computer screen

The free Pixum Photo World software - so easy, it's fun!

  • free photo book maker for Windows, Linux or Mac
  • Pixum Photo Books and any other personalized photo gift
  • speedy installation and intuitive editor
  • make your photo gifts offline - not internet connection required
  • save on your computer for easy access anytime

Why using the software for making your next photo book?

The answer is that simple: the Pixum Photo World software sets no limits to your creativity! Discover the great variety of design options - starting with smart layout suggestions and free modern stickers. The software also offers a wide range of backgrounds. Choose a colour that matches your photos for your Pixum Photo Book cover, calendar & co. Let us impress you with the high photo book printing quality and precise colour reproduction. Pixum brings your digital photos to life!

Free Design Options for Your Photo Book

Up to 202 Pages Possible

Got a bunch of amazing photos from your journey and wish to keep all these in the photo book? Simply add further pages - depending on the paper type, you can get up to 202 pages and the book will still look neat! Opt for large book sizes (A4 and XL square) for the maximum page capacity. Click here for more tips on working with book pages.

Free of charge & easy to use: Download the Pixum Photo World Software

Photo Book Templates and Layouts

Choose a matching one from the great variety of pre-designed book templates, styles or layouts. You can still adjust the selected layout to your liking and simply fill it with your favourite photos and text. There are built-in templates and some additional ones for a free download.

View & download our free photo book templates.

Free of charge & easy to use: Download the Pixum Photo World Software

Photo Frames and Shadows

Highlight your photos by adding an elegant photo frame or a shadow to it. Pick a matching colour to balance out the whole page.

Click here for more design tips

Free of charge & easy to use: Download the Pixum Photo World Software

Photo Masks and Design Frames

In addition to the simple coloured frames, our photo book maker offers you a great choice of designed frames and photo masks. A photo mask changes the contour of the photo turning it, for example, to a circle or giving it the form of a particular animal. Try this feature for your next Pixum Photo Book, especially if it's a gift for your (grand)children. Watch our video tips on making a photo book.

Free of charge & easy to use: Download the Pixum Photo World Software

Maps and Travel Routes

The special feature for your travel Photo Book. Most of the modern cameras save GPS data with the snaps. Simply add photos to the book page and the software suggests a matching map to your travel. You can also add a route line to the map and put photo pins on the stops with your own photos. Find out here how to add a map.

Free of charge & easy to use: Download the Pixum Photo World Software

Cliparts and Stickers

Cliparts are vector graphics that have the looks and feeling of a cartoon. By clicking on the button "Add further elements", you can download even more stickers to the photo book maker. Such cliparts or stickers are great if you're making a book for children or want to add some fun to the book story. There's a great selection of speech balloons for a comic book, too! Find other tips for making baby photo books.

Free of charge & easy to use: Download the Pixum Photo World Software

Time-saving Assistant

Our smart assistant is a real time-saver! It will make a book draft that you still can edit page by page. It's an algorithm that arranges the selected photos to a good-looking book in no time and is the best choice for making a photo book on a particular travel or event. The assistant sorts the images either by date taken or by file name, and you set the page number and how many photos per page you'd like to have. Within minutes, you get a neat book draft that you can now make perfect. Read more on how to save time while making a photo book.

Shiny Highlights

That bit of luxury for your Pixum Photo Book cover or Greeting Cards - highlight your text with a gold, rose gold, silver or glossy colour embossing.

Tips on using foil highlights

Page Backgrounds

Use page backgrounds for a better showcase of your photos. Either a uni coloured background or colourful patterns or textures on various topics, be sure to find a bunch of favourites (by the way, you can mark these as "favourites" for easy access). Best suitable for photo books on a particular event such as wedding, birthday party or holiday. Proven tips on choosing a perfect background

Free of charge & easy to use: Download the Pixum Photo World Software

Videos in a Photo Book

Drag and drop the video onto a page - just like you do with a photo. In the printed Pixum Photo Book, the video will appear as QR code to be scanned by a mobile device. The video clip will then play on your smartphone or tablet. Choose the storage period in the shopping cart. We'll email you before it expires so that you can extend it. More tips on adding a video to your photo book

Free of charge & easy to use: Download the Pixum Photo World Software

Christmas Inspiration

Discover our selection of Christmas gifts and get inspired! Design photo gifts that will outsparkle the Christmas tree.

Pixum Photo World software: System requirements

Pixum Photo World software: Overview of operating systems

Operating system Version
Microsoft Windows (32/64 Bit) Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
Mac OS X from 10.11 (El Captain)
Linux for Linux 64-bit system libraries "ia32-libs" and "lib32gomp1" must be installed

System requirements

Processor and memory

  • Intel compatible Prozessor 1,4 GHz or higher
  • at least 2GB of RAM
  • for video clips in the book, the software requires a 2 GHz processor (or higher)
Disk space
  • Recommended space on the hard disk for installation is 450 MB plus 5GB of additional space on the hard drive for the project data. A large Pixum Photo Book with 130 pages, backgrounds and 6 images per page might easily be a 1.5 GB large file.
Internet access
  • The software requires the internet connection for the installation process, for updating the prices and product features as well as for the ordering process.
  • If you wish to download additional design templates and backgrounds, you will need internet access.
  • You can make your new Pixum Photo Book completely offline till it's ready to be ordered.
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Installation & First Steps

Pixum photo book maker: How to install

Click on the button to download the book maker. Now, open your downloads by pressing simultaneously Ctrl + J (Windows) or Command + Option + L (Mac) and double-click the file "setup_Pixum_Photo_World.exe". The software will guide you through the installation process - this will take less than 5 minutes.

Software Version for Your Country

Pixum products delivered to your home

Make sure to be surfing on our homepage for your delivery country - each version of the photo book maker allows to submit an order to a particular delivery country. There are two versions of the app in the English language: one for the UK and an international one. Check whether your delivery country is on our list.

Should you have made your book in a wrong version of the app, simply save the project to your computer and install the matching software version to submit the order.

The first steps of making a photo book

Run the Pixum Photo World software and navigate with the mouse to the photo books section.

  1. Choose the book shape & size. Take a glance at your selected photos - are these mostly portrait or landscape shots? Landscape and square books give you more options to combine several pictures per page, while portrait-shaped books looks like a classic book from a bookshelf. You can change the size afterwards, too, but not the book shape.
  2. Select the book paper type. Matt surface makes the colours look muted and noble while glossy paper finish enhances contrasts and vividness. You can switch to a different paper type while you work as well.
  3. Now, decide whether you'd like to get a book draft made by our smart book assistant, or create your artwork completely by yourself. The book assistant is of a great help if your photos can be sorted either by file name or date taken. In case you've got scanned photos or have just created photo collages, or already know what the pages will look like, it's easier if you design the book by yourself. Click here for further information on working with the assistant.
  4. Hard back photo books, softcover or booklets? Change the cover type first in the editor mode, when you see the separate spreads in the book maker. Click on "Change product details" to switch to a different cover, paper type or to change the book size.
  5. Save your book draft by clicking on "Open" > "Save" and get back to it later by loading it from the "Open" section.

FAQs about the Pixum Photo World software

  • Why using the photo book maker?
    Why using the photo book maker?

    The Pixum Photo World software is ideal for those who want to unleash their creativity and are looking for a great choice of design tools:

    • you can make your personalized photo gift offline
    • all design tools are free
    • various creative options: pre-designed themes, book templates, page layouts, background patterns, stickers and much more
    • edit single photos: adjust the colours, contrasts and try different fun tools such as photo collage
    • save different projects locally on your computer and continue editing anytime you like
  • How do I save my projects and share them with others?
    How do I save my projects and share them with others?

    Save your draft by clicking on "Open" > "Save" or "Save as" and entering a unique file name. The project file is being stored locally on your computer, so you always have access to it. As soon as you feel inspired again, you simply run the Pixum Photo World software and load the saved project via "Open" to proceed with editing.

    If you want to share the book draft with your family and friends, then upload the saved file from your computer to a cloud and share it with a link. The other can then download the book and open and edit it with the Pixum Photo World software - just like you do it.

  • How do I make a photo book with Pixum?
    How do I make a photo book with Pixum?

    An easy way to make a lean photo book is to use our Online Editor. You can also make a great photo album from the comfort of your sofa by using the mobile Pixum App.

    Both are easy to navigate and get you a fast result. However, the Pixum Photo World software offers you a much larger choice of creative options and tools. Our offline photo book maker is the best choice for those who love the creative process and want to design a very special photo book full of thrilling details such as a travel map, elegant coloured photo frames and even video clips.

Your Artwork as an E-Book

Making your next Pixum Photo Book on the mobile Pixum app, simply add an E-Book to your order. You can share it with you family and friend and it's also a great last-minute gift on any occasion!

Discover our book maker and create your own personal stories

New Features

  • new smart editor for you to easily find any design tool the book maker has to offer
  • more space for product display for a detailed view
  • added room for your design: hide the page navigation, the toolbox or even the thumbnail view of the pages
  • customizations for MAC OS 10.15 Catalina and MAC OS 10.14 Mojave
Free of charge & easy to use: Download the Pixum Photo World Software

New Products to Discover

  • pure luxuy: Pixum Photo Book with real leather or linen cover
  • highlights for book cover & greeting cards now also available in rose gold
  • more pages for most popular sizes: up to 202 pages now possible
  • custom sizes for Wall Art
  • brand-new gift ideas: Photo Magnets, Enamel Mug, premium-quality Shopping Bag, Photo Box with Prints and more!
Free of charge & easy to use: Download the Pixum Photo World Software

Be inspired by creative ideas for your Pixum Photo Book

Take advantage of the possibilities offered by Pixum for your photo book and be inspired by our creative ideas and tips. For example, browse our Pixum Photo Book gift ideas and make a wedding album, a guestbook, a voucher booklet and much more. Or try one of our photo book tips and make song books, professional portfolios, etc.

Prefer not to install any photo book maker?

You've got the choice! Run our lean Online Editor or download our mobile Pixum app to make an amazing photo book with your best snaps and also add captions and coloured backgrounds.

The Pixum Photo World software would be the best choice for you if you're all into the creative process and love to use various design tools to showcase your most favourite photos.

Feedback | Pixum Photo Book

  • The photo book you have chosen is currently only available in the Pixum Photoworld Software. Please create this photo book on your PC/Mac or select one of our other formats.

    Pixum Online Editor

    • Quick and easy:

      Create, design and order directly in your browser.

    • We recommend it:

      for creating your Photo Books, wall art & other products quickly and without having to download a software or app.

  • The photo book you have chosen is currently only available in the Pixum Photoworld Software. Please create this photo book on your PC/Mac or select one of our other formats.
    Our customers' favourite

    Pixum Photo World software

    • Take your time:

      Make your Photo Books, wall art & much more on your computer. Save it and continue with the creative process later offline!

    • We recommend it:

      for a creative spirit that enjoys creating photo books & likes to personalise as much as possible.

  • The photo book you have chosen is currently only available in the Pixum Photoworld Software. Please create this photo book on your PC/Mac or select one of our other formats.

    Pixum app

    • On the go:

      Use your smartphone photos directly and create photo books, wall art & much more. Save it and come back to it later.

    • We recommend it:

      for creating your photo book on your tablet or on your smartphone on the couch and at your own speed.

    also available for