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PIXUM Photo World Software
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New products and features in the Pixum Photo World Software

Pixum Photo Book
  • Pixum Photo Book small (landscape format) - Hardcover, premium paper extra matt (26 p.)
  • Pixum Photo Book large (square format) - Hardcover, premium paper extra matt (26 p.)
Poster & Wall Art
  • Photo poster (artistic paper matt) & photo poster (satin-finish matt)
  • 18 high-quality frames either made from wood or metal with four matching passe-partout mats in four different colours
  • Picture hanging kit: Clamping system
Smartphone Cases
  • Premium case (iPhone & Samsung) & photo tablet case (iPad)
Pixum Greeting Cards
  • Postcards with designable backsides
NEW: Photo Gifts - Huge selection of photo gifts, like cushions, mugs, puzzles etc. Now also available in the Pixum Photo World Software
New Features
  • Change the size of your Pixum Photo Calendar even when it's already finished
  • The actual size of your Pixum Wall Art can now be estimated through the ruler at the side
  • Greeting cards can be switched from designing one side to designing both sides equally
  • Change the colour of your ClipArt and save it
  • Calendar templates can now be adapted and changed to your taste
Additional Features
  • An integrated software assistant that will support you and your Pixum Photo Book project
  • Great selection of countless design options for your photo products (style, template, clipart, passe-partout, text, colours & much more)
  • Lots of photo editing options (effects, cut-outs, colours, contrasts, brightness, anti-red-eyes etc.)
  • Large selection of layouts and the possibility of creating your own layout
  • Improved display of your photo folders with a break down into name, recording time and rating

Preview of the Pixum Photo World

  • Layout

    What is a layout?

    A layout consists of one or several empty frames that serve a s placeholders for photos or text. These frames can be changed in size, position and orientation. You can even add new layout frames.

    Layout frames for photos

    To add photos to the layout frames, simply drag and drop your pictures into the frames. Then you can define the section of the picture you wish to have displayed.

    Layout frames for texts

    To activate a layout frame with the with the label "Your text", simply click on it and add your text. Now you can even personalise the size of your text, the colour as well as the background of the whole frame.

    For further information on layouts, just click on the help section of the Pixum Photo World Software.

  • Videos

    How do I add a video to the Pixum Photo Book?

    Simply go to photo selection and select the folder, in which you have saved the video.

    You will be able to drag and drop the video onto a page - just like a photo You can choose how many single pictures your video will have by simply double clicking on it.

    In the printed Pixum Photo Book, the videos will appear as QR codes, which you can scan with your smartphone or tablet to watch.

  • Backgrounds

    What is a background?

    The background of a photo product is made up of the whole area behind the layout frames. You can choose your background from the design options at the side of the editor.

    Lots of options

    You can choose from lots of different backgrounds for different occasions, like weddings, football or nature. Of course, you can also choose from a variety of mono coloured and multi coloured backgrounds. You can even download more backgrounds from the internet.

    Use your own photo as background

    You can also use your own photos as background. By using the buttons underneath the photo preview, you can add your own photos as backgrounds. Of course, you can also edit these photos afterwards.

    For further information on backgrounds, just click on the help section of the Pixum Photo World Software.

  • Cliparts

    What are Cliparts?

    Cliparts are vector graphics that don't lose quality by changing their size. As they are put together from single-coloured graphics, they have the looks and feeling of a cartoon.

    Choose Cliparts

    You can find the cliparts in the object selection in the folder "Designs". There you can choose from a wide range of different cliparts in different categories.

    By clicking on the button "download more...", you will also have the choice of downloading extra cliparts from the internet. They are automatically installed and can be used instantly.

    For further information on cliparts, just click on the help section of the Pixum Photo World Software.

  • Text boxes

    Working with text boxes

    Text can be found in the so-called text boxes, which are not included in most of the layouts. However, you can add text boxes manually and change their sizes, position and orientation to make them fit your creations perfectly.

    Formatting your text

    In addition, you can format and customise your text in many ways. This makes it possible to change, among other things, the font, the font size, the colour of the text as well as the background colour of the text box. The software provides a spell check that you can switch on and off.

    For further information on text boxes, just click on the help section of the Pixum Photo World Software.

  • Photo editing in the image viewer

    Photo editing in the image viewer

    You can edit your photos in the image viewer. Just double-click on the selected photo and the image viewer will open automatically.

    Photo editing

    The image viewer offers lots of different picture editing options. You can find detailed information on any photo and change them yourself. In addition, effects such as black and white, sepia and mirroring can be applied or the brightness, contrast and colour saturation adapted to your taste. You can also crop photos and edit red eyes.

    For further information on photo editing, just click on the help section of the Pixum Photo World Software.

System requirements

Processor and Memory

  • Intel compatible processor from 1.4GHz and up
  • Main Memory: At least 2 GB RAM
  • When using video clips, we recommend a minimum of 2 GHz and 2 GB RAM
  • Operating system

  • Microsoft Windows (32/64-bit): Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.6 (Leopard) Intel processor 64-bit
  • Linux from Kernel 2.6 (on 32-bit systems)
  • On Linux 64-bit system the libraries "ia32-libs" and "lib32gomp1" must be installed
  • Hard drive

    We recommend a storage capacity of 450 MB on the hard drive for installing the Pixum Photo World Software, plus an extra 5 GB storage capacity on your hard drive for the project files. ( A large Pixum Photo Book with 130 pages, backgrounds and 6 photos per page can often take up around 1,5 GB of space)

    Internet access

    Internet access is necessary to install the downloaded software. You also need internet access for the automatic software- and price list updates. Being online, you can also download additional designs, layouts and backgrounds to maximize your creativity. Moreover, you need internet access to place your Pixum Photo Book order.

    CD writer

    A CD writer is only necessary, if you choose to order your Pixum Photo Book via a CD order.

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