Pixum Photo Book software

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  • Easy to handle - with a photo assistant
  • Numerous design options to be creative
  • Free & quick download

System requirements

Processor and memory
  • Processor AMD-Athlon or Pentium III from 1 GHz cycle
  • Memory from 256 MB RAM.

Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows XP (SP3), Vista, 7, 8
  • Mac OS X 10.6 (64bit) or higher with Intel-processor
  • Linux from Kernel 2.6

Pixum Photo Book software

Pixum Photo Book software

Hard drive

We recommend a storage capacity on the hard drive for installing 200 MB, plus additional storage capacity on your hard drive for the project files.

Internet access

Internet access is necessary to install the downloaded software. You also need internet access for the automatic software- and price list updates. You can also download additional designs, layouts and backgrounds from the internet. Moreover, you need internet access to place your Pixum Photo Book order.

Detailed information

Features of the Pixum Photo Book software
  • An integrated assistant to help you create your photo book whenever you need it
  • Numerous design options (styles, cliparts, passe-partouts, shadows and much more) to be creative
  • Various interesting backgrounds
  • Many image editing options (effects, cut, crop, colour, brightness, red eyes, etc.)
  • Add your texts in your favourite font
  • Big selection of layouts including the option to use your own layout and save it for future use
  • Many formats and covers, including photo books on premium paper with gloss coating

Important note about the software update 4.7.5

Before you install the new & improved Pixum Photo Book software 4.7.5, we recommend to de-install the previously installed software.

If you already have a version of our software series 4.6.x, you do not need to de-install it - it is updated to version 4.6.8 automatically.

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Gestaltungsvorschläge für ein Pixum Fotobuch

Select the Pixum Photo Book software according to your country of delivery

You can only order the Pixum Photo Book from the country where your invoice address is located. Although invoice- and delivery address can be different, they have to be in the same country.

Moreover, you always have to use the software of the country your Pixum Photo Book shall be sent to. Please already pay attention to choose the correct version before you download it.

However, if you created your Pixum Photo Book with the software of another country, please do as follows to place your order:

  • Make sure the book is saved on your computer. De-install your current Pixum Photo Book software.
  • Choose your country of delivery on www.pixum.com and go to the Pixum Photo Book area.
  • Download the correct software (the flag indicates the country of delivery that the version is for).
  • Open the Pixum Photo Book software. Click the button "Open" in the upper menu bar of the program to open your stored Pixum Photo Book.

Please note: You can only use the software of another country of delivery to order your stored Pixum Photo Book if both versions of the software are identical.

International Italy Spain Portugal France Switzerland Austria Germany Netherlands Belgien Great Britain Denmark Sweden Norway Finland

Pixum Photo Book software - best of features


What does layout mean?

A layout consists of one or several frames which serve as image areas for photos and texts. You can edit those frames by changing their position, size and alignment or even add new layout frames.

Layout frames for photos

Add your photos to layout frames by using drag & drop. Now, you can change the image section by pulling the layout frames.

Layout frames for texts

You need to activate a layout frame saying "Your text" by clicking on it in order to be able to add text. Now, you can also change the font size and colour as well as the background of the text box.

You can find detailed information on layouts in the help area of the Pixum Photo Book software.

Photo Book Layout Examples for layouts
  • Layout-Variante1Layout version1
  • Layout-Variante2Layout version2
  • Layout-Variante3Layout version3
  • Layout-Variante4Layout version4
  • Layout-Variante5Layout version5
  • Layout-Variante6Layout version6


What does style mean?

A style is an order of layout frames and background elements. You create a professional touch for your Pixum Photo Book if you use the same style for all pages. From version 4.6 on, you can choose a professional style for your Pixum Photo Book.

Styles of the Pixum Photo Book assistant

You can choose a style in the Pixum Photo Book assistant which opens automatically when you start to create a new photo book. You can either choose from templates of various categories or create your own style. If you do not find the perfect style, you can download additional styles in our software.

You can find detailed information on styles in the help area of the Pixum Photo Book software.

Photo Book Stile


What does background mean?

A background forms the area of a photo book page around the layout frames. You can find many backgrounds under "designs".


You can choose from many different backgrounds for special occasions like "wedding", "soccer" or "nature" but also backgrounds of one colour or multicoloured. If you do not find the perfect background, you can download additional backgrounds from the internet. You can set a background for a single- or double page and for your whole Pixum Photo Book.

Photo as background

It is also possible to choose one of your own photos as a background. Simply add your photo, right-click it and select the background option of your choice from "more image options". Of course, you can still edit your photo afterwards.

You can find detailed information on backgrounds images in the help area of the Pixum Photo Book software.

Example: Background from Example: Background from "wedding" theme
  • Example one colourExample one colour
  • Example feelingsExample feelings
  • Example multicolouredExample multicoloured
  • Example natureExample nature
  • Example summerExample summer
  • Example texturesExample textures


What are clipart images?

Clipart images are object-oriented graphics that can be resized without loss. They seem like drawings in a cartoon because they are composed exclusively of monochrome illustrations.

Choose a clipart image

The clipart images are part of the menu "design" where you can choose from many categories. Furthermore, you can download additional free clipart images from the internet by clicking the button "download more". They are installed automatically and are available immediately.

You can find detailed information on clipart images in the help area of the Pixum Photo Book software.

Example: Clipart image from Example: Clipart image from "baby" theme
  • Clipart_formsClipart_forms
  • Clipart_loveClipart_love
  • Clipart_animalsClipart_animals
  • Clipart_ChristmasClipart_Christmas
  • Clipart_formsClipart_forms
  • Clipart_animalsClipart_animals

Text editing

Working with text boxes

All texts are written in text boxes which are not included in most of the layouts. However, you can add text boxes manually and change their size and position like placing them at a slant.

Text settings

You can also adapt texts in different ways like changing the font, font size and text colour as well as background colours. The software offers an integrated spell check that you can turn on and off.

You can find detailed information on text editing in the help area of the Pixum Photo Book software.

Picture editing in the Photo Show

Working with Photo Show

You can edit your photos in the Photo Show. Simply double-click on the selected photo to open the Photo Show.

Picture editing

The Photo Show offers many different options to edit your photos. For example, you can view and edit detailed information of your photo. You can also use effects like black and white, sepia and mirror or change brightness, contrast and colours. Additionally, you can crop your photo and edit red eyes.

You can find more information in our "help" area.

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