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Keep your best memories nearby or give someone you hold dear a personal photo book with your best memories.

Pixum Photo Book - Make a photo book of your most beautiful memories

Make one of the best photo book available in the UK with your own photos. The Pixum Photo Book comes in 9 different formats and sizes which you can combine with 5 paper types and 6 different bindings and covers. Start out with 26 fully customisable pages and just add pages as you add and edit your photos.

Paper and cover types

Here's your choice of paper:

  • Photo paper glossy

    Pixum Photo Book with glossy photo paper

    Your Pixum Photo Book will be printed on 360 g/m2 (2x 180 g/m2) elegant glossy photo paper. The pictures will look just like how you know them from classic photo prints. The brilliant pages are stable and can be easily cleaned when something is spilled on them. The perfect gift for all your loved ones. The Pixum Photo Book on photo paper (glossy) comes with the luxurious lay flat binding.

  • Photo paper matte

    Pixum Photo Book with matte photo paper

    Your photos are brilliantly coloured and printed with an elegant touch, on our matte photo paper. The 360 g/m2 (2x 180 g/m2)-thick photo paper (matte) is very sturdy, and very resistant to fingerprints. This is why it is ideal for extraordinary gifts or collections of great moments. Any Pixum Photo Book with photo paper (matte) comes with a professional lay flat binding.

  • Premium paper extra matte

    Pixum Photo Book with extra matte premium paper

    We recommend our extra matte premium paper for an extraordinary presentation of your photos. The high-quality 170g/m2 paper is refined with an extra special matte coating. Combine that with a splendid hardcover, and your memories will never have been represented more finely.

  • Premium paper glossy

    Pixum Photo Book with glossy premium paper

    Your Pixum Photo Book is printed on high-quality 200 g/m2 premium paper and is then coated with a special gloss. This kind of laminating leads to an elegant touch for the paper and makes the colours shine - the perfect presentation for special occasions. Your Pixum Photo Book with premium paper (glossy) will keep its luxurious touch for a long time because the coated paper is very stable and resistant to dampness and filth.

  • Premium paper matte

    Pixum Photo Book with matte premium paper

    Your photos are printed on sturdy premium paper with a thickness of 200 g/m2, which provides a high-grade look. Skipping through the pages of your Pixum Photo Book will be an event every time. Due to the UV-resistance of the premium paper, your photos will stay brilliant for a long time.

Covers and bindings for your photo book

  • Hardcover with glue binding

    Hardcover with glue binding

    A hardcover photo book with glued binding is made with durable carton and can be inidividually designed with your own photos and text. If you want a photo book with our premium paper, the hardcover photo book with glue binding is exactly what you're looking for.

  • Hardcover with layflat binding

    Hardcover with layflat binding

    The popular layflat binding is a customer favourite when it comes to photo books. The layflat binding allows you to decorate your photo book with panorama photos that stretch over multiple pages of the book. In total we offer 5 different photo books as hardcover with layflat binding.

  • Softcover with glue binding

    Softcover with glue binding

    The flexible softcover with glue binding is perfect for photo books to bring a long when traveling. The light weight softcover is available for 5 different photo books with premium paper and just like the hardcover, you can decorate it any way you want to.

  • Faux leather with screw binding

    Faux leather with screw binding

    The faux leather photo book is available with a screw back system in black or brown. Ideal for putting an extra personal touch to any special occasions.

    The faux leather cover with screw binding is available for XXL photo books in landscape format. A wedding photo book should not only have great photos and memories, but also look and last forever.

  • Premium linen with screw binding

    Premium linen with screw binding

    For your XXL photo book in landscape format we offer a premium linen cover with screwed binding. The linen is available in bronze or silver. To keep everything looking neat we use a screw binding. It adds a personal touch and makes sure that your photo book stands the test of time.

  • Booklet with stapled binding

    Booklet with stapled binding

    The stapled binding photo booklet is held together with two clamps at the spine. The booklet is available in 4 small formats. The booklets are very popular as small photo memories for children. Additionally the booklets are often used as voucher books for when you want to surprise someone for a special occasion.

Your journey to a photo book

Pixum Photo Book ordering options

  • The photo book you have chosen is currently only available in the Pixum Photoworld Software. Please create this photo book on your PC/Mac or select one of our other formats.

    Online editor

    • Quick and easy:

      Order our classics through our website.

    • Small selection:

      Set amount of pages (from 26 pages) and templates with up to 4 photos per page with a variety of background colours.

    • Our recommendation:

      For the quick and easy way without having to download a software.

  • The photo book you have chosen is currently only available in the Pixum Photoworld Software. Please create this photo book on your PC/Mac or select one of our other formats.

    Photo world software

    • Endless creativity:

      Alle formats, paper types, backgrounds und clip-art. Additional products include calendars, greeting cards and wall art.

    • New personal features:

      e.g. including a video in your photo book using QR-codes.

    • Our recommendation:

      For the creative spirit that enjoys spending time creating photo books.

  • The photo book you have chosen is currently only available in the Pixum Photoworld Software. Please create this photo book on your PC/Mac or select one of our other formats.

    Photo book app

    • Get comfortable:

      Use photos directly from your mobile device and edit them in the app.

    • We offer:

      The favourite photo book formats: square, landscape and portait. Design yours from the comfort of the couch or beach chair.

    • Our recommendation:

      For creating your photo book while on the road with your smartphone or tablet.

    also available for

Enjoy your photo book in no time

Pixum Photo Book mini (landscape)

  • Landscape mini
  • Premium paper matte
  • Soft cover
  • Glue binding

 Incl. VAT excl. p&p

Go design

Pixum Photo Book large (portrait)

  • Portrait large
  • Premium paper matte
  • Hard cover
  • Glue binding

 Incl. VAT excl. p&p

Go design

Pixum Photo Book large (landscape)

  • Landscape large
  • Premium paper glossy
  • Hard cover
  • Glue binding

 Incl. VAT excl. p&p

Go design

Check out our range of Pixum Photo Books

Discover our range of formats, sizes, covers and papertypes for your Pixum Photo Book. Below is a selection. Please click on any book of your choice!
XXL Portrait
28x36 cm
from £49.99 *
XL Square
30x30 cm
from £39.99 *
Large Square
21x21 cm
from £14.99 *
Small Square
14x13 cm
from £7.95 *
Large Landscape
28x21 cm
from £21.99 *
Small Landscape
19x15 cm
from £9.99 *
Mini Landscape
15x11 cm
from £7.95 *
XXL Landscape
38x29 cm
from £59.99 *
Large Portrait
21x28 cm
from £15.99 *


Be inspired by our customer examples

Working with more photos per page.

See examples of balanced photo books with more than one photo per page and use them to create a centre of attention. - Stefan Vajen

Working with backgrounds

Learn how backgrounds and panorama photos can give a breath of fresh air to a photo book with a lot of photos. - Thomas Frömmel

Baby photos

Photo books with baby photos are favourites among photo books. Whether for photographers to show their clients or for you to keep your little one close by after they grow up. - Alexander Patt

Sunny wedding in Mallorca!

The wedding photographer has chosen a landscape-oriented Pixum Photo Book in order to show how well side by side photos can work. A book dedicated to a special event is a great idea. - Markus Mayer

Stylish homes in portrait format.

The blogger Bianaca from the blog «Biancas Wohnlust» demonstrates her passion for decorating homes in her photo book. - Bianca Gülpen
Working with more photos per page.
Working with backgrounds
Baby photos
Sunny wedding in Mallorca!
Stylish homes in portrait format.

Publish your own photo book!

Share your photo book with the world or get inspiration form other customers.

Verena has been documenting the life of her children in Pixum Photo Books, for years now. She tells us about how she was first introduced to Pixum and how she started making photo books.

My Family - Year after Year

Verena has been documenting the life of her children in Pixum Photo Books, for years now. She tells us about how she was first introduced to Pixum and how she started making photo books.

Creative Corner

A family chronicle, a book of creative haircuts, a professional business presentation or a top-notch portfolio. That's how versatile the Pixum Photo Book is.

Excellent Pixum quality

Customer feedback for Pixum Photo Books

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4,9 / 5 (16 Comments)

We ensure transparency

Here you find product reviews from our customers.


  • This is our photo album no 15 from Pixum. We continue to be delighted with their product and will continue to use them.
  • Paper is quite thick and card like - too thick. I have used the software for SIX years and the various upgrades have not helped: The images in the photo file are not shown in the same order as the original file. It is still not possible to insert a page - this is a pain when after creating a 96 page book I want to insert a few pages to accommodate more images at (eg) page 48. But Pixum book quality is very good and the speed of service is impressive.
  • I always use Pixum as I love working on my photo books on my home computer, instead of having to download all my photos. The finished product is excellent and always arrives promptly.
  • This is the 14th photo album that Pixum have produced for me. I continue to be very happy with the product and will carry on using Pixum knowing that I will receive a memorable album.
  • Excellent! My only comment is that sometimes, printed pictures are too dark (they do not appear so in the monitor).

Instructions and tips for ordering Pixum Photo Books

Pixum Photo Book App

Create your personal Photo Book from wherever you are, with the Pixum Photo Book App for your smartphone or tablet.

Make a Pixum Photo Book and create a book full of memories

Benefit from the knowledge and quality of one of Europs leading photo services and create your own Pixum Photo Book as a gift for Christmas or as a keepsake to remember a great vacation or wedding. Your can order your Pixum Photo Book in three formats ( portrait , landscape and square square) and, depending on the format, in a total of nine different sizes.

You can order the Pixum Photo Books directly through our Online Editor or even more conveniently via the Pixum Photo World software or Pixum Photo Book app for iOS and Android. While the Online Editor allows you to really quickly design and order your photo album online in your browser, the photo book software will give your the possibility of making your Pixum Photo Book at your own pace. Download the Pixum Photo World software, free of charge, and start creating your perfect memory book with a huge range of possibilities and extras. Then, if you need a break, just save your photo book project and come back to it later. Because we at Pixum know, that it takes time to create the best photo book possible. While your are at it, benefit from a huge range of editing options, like frames, clipart, QR codes, maps with GPS data included, filters and much more. You can even get a black, linen-wrapped gift box for your Pixum Photo Book at check out.

Paper types, formats, and sizes - the strength of the Pixum Photo Book lies in its versatility

Depending on the format, you can choose from up to four different sizes. For example, for £7.95 you can already get a mini Pixum Photo Book (landscape) with a softcover binding and premium matt printing paper. Or you just celebrated your beautiful wedding and wish to print a memory album? Then just choose a luxury XXL Pixum Photo Book in the dimensions of 38 × 29 cm and add a gift box to make it a present for your relatives. To our choice of covers and bindings, you can, of course, also pick from five different paper types for your photo book. Here you can choose between our professionally developed matt or glossy photo paper, which pairs perfectly with a lay flat binding and makes it possible to display whole panoramic views. Printing your photo book online with Pixum also offers you the possibility of making a Pixum Photo Book with our premium printing paper in matt, extra matt or glossy.

Apart from the landscape format, Pixum also offers its photo books in portrait format and square format. These are also available in various sizes and come with the full choice of photo paper and printing paper types. Try making a classic wedding album or Christmas memory book in our square format and use all your Facebook or Instagram photos.

You can also choose your perfect cover and binding for most of our photo books. Choose between a glue binding, stapled binding or stitched binding and, of course, weather your wish a hardcover, softcover, faux leather or linen covered binding. Our speciality is the lay flat binding with which you can print whole photos over two pages without losing any detail. The photo book will open up flatly with even seams.

Made in the UK

Chosing to print your photo book with Pixum guarantees you the best result possible. Our Pixum Photo Books are mainly printed and fabricated in Warwick, UK, from where they are sent home to your directly.