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Best quality for your best memories! For that reason, we print your photos exclusively on high-quality premium paper (233 g/m²) with a 100-year colour guarantee (colour-fast, UV-resistant). In addition, our automatic image optimisation (DPO) ensures optimal results and radiantly beautiful photos.

Pixum tip

What size will my prints have?

At Pixum, we print your photos according to the aspect ratio or the shorter side of your uploaded image. This means, that you, for example, chose to get 10 cm photo prints; 10 cm is then the width of the shorter side of your photo print. The longer side of your photo print will depend entirely on the actual format of your uploaded photo. It might be square, if the uploaded image was square in shape. So it depends on the original size of the image file we receive, how much photo paper we need to use in length to print your photo.

Otherwise, you would receive your prints with white borders or parts of your photos cut off to fit one single size. This is the reason why Pixum offers you as the customers to choose by the shorter side of your photo, which will then be developed in its full format as sent to us by you.

If you wish to have your photo prints developed in the classic 4:3 ratio and having the option of choosing which part will be cut off from your image, please download the Pixum Photo World software or the Pixum Photo World app, which will enable you to make use of our full range of options. The voucher will also be redeemable there, of course.

Photo Value Packs at Pixum

Are you planning to order more than just a couple of prints? Then try our Photo Value Packs and save up to 25% while receiving high-quality photo prints in several sizes:

Large premium photo prints

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It doesn't always have to be just printed. At Pixum you can order your pictures as retro prints, photos behind acrylic glass, wallet pictures, photo stickers, passport photos or design posters in the highest quality.

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Photo prints in Pixum quality

Discover the many possibilities for your photo prints at Pixum. Use the photo upload at the top right of this page to upload your motifs and have them printed on photos. The colour-fast and UV-resistant photos are developed exclusively on premium paper (233 g/m²).

In addition, you can count on Pixum for a complete image development. Unlike many other photo services, you can rely on Pixum to develop your entire picture just as you have set it on your camera. Whether you have a 3:2 or 4:3 format preset, your prints will be as large as the shorter side's width you choose.

With Pixum you only select the length of the shorter edge of your photos. The other side is determined by your chosen format and can therefore vary. If you have preset a 3:2 format on your camera, this results in a photo of 10 x 15 cm with an edge length of 10 cm.

To find out exactly how large your photos are, use the Pixum image size calculator or check your digital camera's presets.

How to make a Pixum Photo Product

Online Editor

Quick and easy: Create, design and order in your browser directly. For creating your Photo Books, wall art & more quickly online.

Pixum Photo World software

Take your time: Make your Photo Books, wall art & much more on your computer. Save it and continue with it later offline!

Pixum Apps

On the go: Use all your smartphone photos directly and create Photo Books, wall art & much more. Then save it and come back to it later.