Photo cushions are a great way to show off your photos

Our photo cushions are a wonderful way to personalise any room in your house. Customize your office space with the scenes you choose. They're also great gifts!

Photo cushions are a comfortable and practical way to display your favourite photographs. Why just leave those pictures as zeros and ones on your hard drive? Do you already have boxes of pictures stored in the attic? You can lean back on them while sitting on the couch or rest your head on them during a quick snooze. Bring a smile to someone's face by reminding them of friends, family, and adventures. These photo cushions are as individual as the person next to them.

Print scenes from the countryside to whisk you back to a place where times goes by a little slower. Put friends or family on the pillows to hallmark special events and get togethers. You can choose, mix and match, and rotate your pillow "scenes" to fit your mood and the season. Photo cushions are a fantastic decorating idea that harmonizes perfectly in any setting or decor.

These photo cushions also make great pet beds for your furry friends. Your dog or cat will love snuggling up on a personalised pillow they can call all their own. If you need some photo gifts ideas for the Christmas season that aren't expensive, our photo cushions are a great solution. They are unique and have sentimental value for the recipient of the gift. Because you are the designer, you are in total control. The possibilities, like your supply of ideas, are endless. Express your creativity and individuality. You can show how much you care with these and other great photo gifts.

Pixum produces all your photo gifts in the highest quality!

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