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Decorate your coffee, milk, tea or hot chocolate break with custom photo mugs, cups and bottles. Choose between a variety of styles, colours and sizes. In our assortment you will find:

  • Photo Mugs:
    Material: Ceramic
    Capacity: 300 ml
    Available versions: Right-handed, left-handed, panorama
    Different colours and design versions for the right-handed and panorama mugs available

  • Fine Porcelain Photo Mugs:
    Material: Fine Porcelain
    Capacity: 300 ml
    Available in white

  • Magic Photo Mugs:
    Material: Ceramic
    Capacity: 300ml
    Available versions: Right-handed, left-handed and panorama in white
    The photo becomes visible when hot liquid is poured into the cup.

  • Photo Coffee Mugs:
    Material: Ceramic
    Available in sizes L and XL and in white
    Size L: Hight 10 cm (conical)
    Size XL: Hight 15 cm (conical)

  • Photo Beer Mugs:
    Material: Ceramic
    Capacity: 500 ml
    Available versions: Right-handed and panorama in white

  • Photo Aluminium Bottles
    Material: Double-walled aluminium with printed motive and designs
    Capacity: 500 ml
    Colour: Silver

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Excellent Quality at Pixum

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