Personalise your plastic lunch box with your photos

Give your child something out of the ordinary to take to school each day. Put a favourite photograph on your child's plastic lunch box for a unique lunchtime!

Are you tired of crushed crisps, smashed sandwiches and juices leaking into your bag? Don't be disgusted by your home made meals any longer. It sounds like it's time for a plastic lunch box. However, this isn't just any plastic lunch box - here at Pixum, we can personalise it by printing a photo of your choice right onto the lid. It's extremely simple and only requires you to click your mouse a few times. We do all the rest for you - with no hassle or stress. Now that is truly a very tasty idea!

You've surely got many great photos at home collecting dust somewhere. Why not find a practical way to display them on an everyday basis? Look no further, we have the solution for you if you need some great photo gift ideas. Imagine the look on your child's face when they open their bag at school tomorrow and see a picture of themselves printed onto their brand new kids lunch box. It's a great way to brighten anyone's day, even if you are no longer in school. Even working professionals can benefit from the utility of a plastic lunch box.

Whether at home or on the go, for a meal or a snack, these personalised lunch boxes are always handy and great for anyone at any time of the day. Make someone smile before every meal with special photos and memories they can cherish for a long time to come. Order your very own plastic lunch box today.

Pixum produces all your photo gifts in the highest quality!

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