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Video animation of a Retro Print Advent Calendar
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Retro Prints Advent Calendar

  • 24 retro prints with your photos

  • NEW: large variety of Christmas-themed Advent calendar designs

  • Add your personal message

Back in Autumn 2024

Stylish, unique and personalised - make that special person happy this festive season with our retro-style photo advent calendar. The nostalgic look of this advent calendar is sure to be a true eye-catcher. Let your creativity run free and use the 24 retro prints as vouchers or DIY a poster, a garland or a small ladder to hang the prints. Discover our inspiration & ideas.

Retro Prints Advent Calendar with an image of a couple in the background

Retro Photo Advent Calendar

  • 24 retro-style prints with your favourite pictures

  • New: creative Advent calendar designs on the back

  • You can add text to each print

  • Made of sturdy matt cardboard

★ Creative Ideas For Your Retro Advent Calendar ★

Idea 1: Voucher Advent Calendar

Quality time is always the best gift you can give a loved one. Here are some voucher ideas:

  • Film night

  • Breakfast in bed

  • A trip to the cinema

  • Homemade dinner

  • A trip to their favourite café

  • Cocktail night

  • Relaxing massage

Idea 2: Festive Poster Advent Calendar

You will need:

1. Poster Stencil

To start, you need cardboard as a sturdy base for your advent calendar for the wooden pegs to hold on to. A circle is great for beautifully arranging your retro prints. You can use a large kitchen bowl to trace the circle and then cut the photo poster with your scissors.

2. Attach Ribbon and Pegs

Now stick the photo poster to the cardboard and attach a matching piece of ribbon to the back as a wall hanger. Evenly distribute the 24 wooden pegs around the outside of the circle. You can use the prints as a guideline to get everything in the right place. Then glue the pegs to the poster.

3. Attach the Prints and Decorate

Make sure your pegs are facing towards the outside of the circle so you can attach your prints properly. If you want you can decorate the wooden pegs with little stars, glitter or acrylic paint. Now attach the 24 retro prints with the number side up. You can choose whether to put them in the right order or to mix the numbers.

Idea 3: Advent Calendar Garland

Christmas Garland DIY

Create a unique piece with a nostalgic look. DIY a beautiful advent calendar garland that you can not only use to hang your retro prints but also small gifts. Perfect for hanging over your fireplace or any children's room.

Here's How To Do It:

  1. Attach your retro prints to a jute string with pegs. You can also use different string in Christmas colours.

  2. Add decoration to your advent calendar like stars, pine branches, candy canes, tinsel or baubles. To achieve that vintage look, pieces in gold, rose gold or pastel colours are best suitable.

  3. Fairy lights give your creation a festive and cosy feel.

  4. If you want you can add little gifts to some of the prints.

Your Unique Festive Vintage Decor

The advent calendar includes 24 individual retro-style prints including a handy storage box. You can completely personalised the prints using your favourite pictures. The high-quality and sturdy cardboard is there to bring out the best in your photos. The backs of the photos are printed with a festive advent design. Add your own text to the prints to make them even more personal.

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