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Pixum Photo Book

A Pixum Photo Book is the perfect gift to show someone special, that you care.

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Pixum Wall Art

Let your photos take centre stage with a luxurious Pixum Wall Art.

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Pixum Photo Calendars 2017

Make every month a special month with a Pixum Photo Calendar 2017.

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Pixum Photo Book - Create lasting memories

  • Pixum Photo Book (portrait)

    Cherish your favourite family moments and create a classic Pixum Photo Book in portrait format to keep or give away to friends & family.

    from £15.99*

  • Pixum Photo Book (square)

    The Pixum Photo Book in square format offers you the perfect frame for any kind of story you want to tell with your pictures - simple and sophisticated.

    from £7.95*

Pixum Photo Book (landscape)

Be it a panoramic view or picture of your whole family - immortalise all your beautiful memories of 2016 in a Pixum Photo Book in landscape format.

from £7.95*

The Pixum Photo Book as the perfect gift

Design your personal cookbook

Why buy a cookbook, if you can create one yourself with all your favourite recipes?

Design your own voucher booklet

Why not create a personal voucher booklet with 12 individually designed vouchers in a small Pixum Photo Book

Pixum Photo Book with optional video included

Take a video and add it to your Pixum Photo Book via a QR code.

Impressive Pixum Wall Art for your friends & family

  • Photo on Canvas

    The Pixum Canvas Print is made from high-quality linen that is stretched across a wood frame to create an artwork-like experience.

    from £21.99*

  • Photo on Pine Wood Panels

    By printing your photos on solid pine wood panels, you create a natural feeling and a smooth surface.

    from £25.92*

  • Photo on Aluminium

    Don't worry about reflections in your wall art - our Pixum Aluminium Prints offer a matt surface, with brilliant colours.

    from £20.99*

  • Photo behind Acyrlic Glass

    Have your photo printed behind acrylic glass and benefit from truly brilliant colours with exceptional depth effect.

    from £24.99*

  • Framed Photos

    Create a photo poster and have it framed with one of our 18 frames in wood and metal. Pass-partout and glass included.

    from £31.44*

  • The Gallery Print

    Benefit from a combination of scratch-resistant aluminium and the brilliant depth effect of acrylic glass with the Pixum Gallery Print.

    from £34.99*

Come and discover more unique wall art options to create your perfect print here.

Creative ideas for your walls

DIY Christmas wreath with your own Pixum Canvas Print

This year is a special year and your Christams wreath will be the most special of all wreaths on your street. Download the picture here

DIY poster frame for your Pixum Photo Poster

Be creative and try something new - make your own frame for your Pixum Photo Poster this Christmas.

DIY clothes hanger with your Pixum Pine Wood Panel Print

Discover how to create a picture perfect clothes hanger with your photo on pine wood panels. Come and be creative with Pixum!

Pixum Smartphone Cases - Find your own personal style

  • Pixum Smartphone Case

    Pixum Smartphone Case

    Choose from our selection of seven Pixum Smartphone Cases and find the right smartphone case, cover or sleeve for your brand, be it Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony or any other brand.

    Smartphone cases from £19,99*

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  • Premium Case

    The Premium Case protects your smartphone with a sturdy, yet slim, hard case. With your very own photo, this durable case will turn your device into a beautiful accessory.

    Your Premium Case for £24.95*

    Go design
  • Side-flip Case

    The Side-flip Case is a tasteful sight with its leather look and magnet lock. Along with protecting your smartphone, the case provides space for credit cards, business cards or photos.

    Your Side-flip Case for £32.95*

    Go design
  • Hard Case

    The sturdy Hard-Case is a light weight, but durable cover for your smartphone. You can easily attach the case to your device with just a single click.

    Your Hard Case für £19.99*

    Go design
  • Silicone Case

    The durable Silicone Case can be bent without the photo losing any of its quality. The silicone material fits snugly around your phone and provides a firm grip.

    Your Silicone Case for £19.99*

    Go design
  • Down-flip Case

    The Down-flip Case, with its soft lining, makes for a luxurious accessory. The stylish leather look is completed with a handy magnetic lock, making for a luxurious accessory.

    Down-flip Case for £29.95*

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  • Tough Case

    The Tough-Case is a combination of the shock proof Silicone Case and the sturdy and stylish Premium Case. With its edge print, your smartphone cover will be a real highlight.

    Your Tough Case for £29.95*

    Go design
  • Faux Leather Sleeve Case

    The smartphone sleeve case made from faux leather forms the perfect protection from bumps and scratches for your phone. Make this high-quality sleeve case your own and personalise it with your favourite photo.

    Your Faux Leather Sleeve Case for £24.95*

    Go design

The Pixum Photo Calendar 2017 - A year full of memories

Wall calendars in classic A4

Design our customer's favourite Pixum Photo Calendar in the classic A4 format. Get radiant results with our premium photo and printing paper.

from £19.99*

Wall calendar classic in square

The ideal format for very special memories - let your photos take centre stage in a square wall calendar 30,5 cm × 30,5 cm.

from £31.99*

Wall calendar folding A3

With the folding wall calendar in A3 landscape format you have enough room to even show off your most detailled photos. Plus, you have lots of space to add important appointments and birthdays.

from £25.99*

Standing desk calendar in square

Beautiful and simple: A lovingly designed standing desk calendar is the perfect accessory for any desk.

from £9.99*

Wall calendar classic in A5

New at Pixum: Our classic wall calendar in landscape A5. Always find space for your favourite memories in 2017. Also great as an affordable yet thoughtful gift.

ab £9.99*

Come and discover more ideas and formats to personalise your Pixum Photo Calendar here.

Greeting cards - Personalise your season greetings

Surprise your loved ones with personalised greeting cards. You can design your cards on the Pixum website or come and discover the free of charge Pixum Photo World software and all of its editing options.

Design greeting cards square M

These square greeting cards will always let your photo take centre stage and will impress your friends and family.

Set of 10 from £12.99*

Design greeting cards L

With this classic greeting card you have enough space to get your whole family on to the picture and on to the card.

Set of 10 from £11.99*

Design greeting cards M

Choose one or more photos to design your custom-made greeting card and pick one of hundreds of designs.

Set of 10 from £10.49*

Find more designs and formats here to create your extra special greeting cards this year.

Premium photo prints

Have your photos developed on premium photo paper - in glossy or matt, with or without borders - and have them shipped home to you directly.

Polaroid style photo prints with gift box

Have a selection of 12, 24 or 32 Polaroid style photo prints printed and create the most thoughtful gift. Including a beautiful gift box!

Photo behind acrylic glass

Choose this elegant form of presenting your pictures in 18 x 13 cm. Your photo will be printed directly onto the acrylic glass, which gives an incredible depth effect.

Photo sticker

Create stickers with your photos on them to decorate all sorts of gifts, cards and letters.

Find more ways to print your photos in creative and versatile ways here.

Photo gifts - custom-made gifts

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