Being Creative at Home is Fun

Ideas for getting creative: make something new with your favourite pictures

Photos of our loved ones and our favourite places bring back the best memories. Creating personalised photo gifts brings us closer to family and friends, no matter the distance!

Unique Home Decor

Your Own Gallery Wall

Your Own Gallery Wall

Looking to refresh your home? Arrange a beautiful gallery wall with a selection of your most beautiful pictures printed as wall art.

A 100% Match

Choose the wall art material that best suits your walls and your interior project: either a lightweight photo poster, an amazing acrylic print to be backlit or a luxurious gallery print - be sure to find the matching wall art for any budget.

Wall Gallery with a Picture Ledge

Find 3 great tips on arranging a modern wall art gallery at home with picture ledges. Get inspired and order your favourite pictures to get high-end wall art 100% designed to your taste!

<p>Find useful tips on how to arrange your prints in a harmonious way in this video.</p>

Our Tips For You

Find useful tips on how to arrange your prints in a harmonious way in this video.

Decorate Your Bathroom

Did you know our acrylic prints are water-resistant and therefore can be mounted in a bathroom? Show off your impeccable taste in all corners of your home. There is no limits to your creativity!

Photo Magnets

Either square or heart-shaped - our photo magnets are perfect for customising the fridge or a magnetic to-do board. Available in sets of 10.

Decorate Your Workspace

Working from home is the new normal. What would help you stay concentrated and still feel comfortable while working? Discover our selection of things for your working space that can be personalised.

The Time is Now

Pixum Photo Book for Grandparents

Pixum Photo Book for Grandparents

These times without personal contact with the family have been particularly challenging for grandparents. Surprise them with a Pixum Photo Book full of their grandchildren's snaps. We've prepared a free book template for you to be used in the Pixum Photo World software - view it, unpack it and add your photos!

Pixum tip

Did you know, that...

... you can order photo gifts directly to your loved ones? Simply enter their delivery address during the ordering process. They will be thrilled with a surprise in their postbox!

Retro Photos for that Bit of Nostalgia

Did you know that you can personalize the Retro Photos with text as well as photos? A versatile gift that can be used as a bookmark, as a place card or to decorate your room.

Colours of Your Prints against Dull Weather

Relive those magical moments while browsing through your best snapshots printed on professional photo paper with a glossy finish for most vivid colours.

Your Year in Review or a Travel Journal

Use the time at home to get last year in review printed as a Pixum Photo Book or make a travel journal with photos from the holiday. Get ready for tons of nostalgic flashbacks!

Your Family History

A photo gift that will be passed through generations: a personalized book on your family history! Add plenty of text and maps to tell the whole story of the family.

Fun for the whole family

Jigsaw Puzzle for Cosy Evenings Together

Jigsaw Puzzle for Cosy Evenings Together

Can't get enough of jigsaw puzzles? How about a photo puzzle with your own snap printed on it? The finished photo puzzle is also great was wall decoration.

from £14.99

Train Your Brain

Relive your holidays memories while playing your own memory game with 25 pairs of cards, each printed with your favourite snap of the holiday.

Personalised Playing Cards

When was the last time you played cards with your family? Card games are gaining more popularity today. Design a personalised deck with 32 cards or even one for poker with your own photos.

Photo Puzzle as a Gift Voucher

Add a message to your photo puzzle and use it as an original carrier gift for a voucher, for example. A great gift for a wedding anniversary!

Faber-Castell Pencil Box

A very special gift for school kids and the inner artist:

  • your favourite photo printed on the tin cover
  • 12 Colour Grip colour pencils
  • high-quality metallic tin with a cheerful caption inside
  • landscape & portraits layouts, captions & background colours available
for £19.99

A fun DIY project for the whole family!

DIY exploding box with photos

DIY exploding box with photos

Everyone loves original DIY gifts! Make an exploding box together with your family. Personalized with your own photos, this gift box will make grandparents happy when presented! Every family member is free to add something unique to it - there's room for so much love.

Unlock Your Creativity with Pixum!

Jigsaw Photo Puzzle
Jigsaw Photo Puzzle

Order a custom photo puzzle for more quality time with the family! It will definitely help you boost your family team spirit.

Photo Prints - Fit for DIY
Photo Prints - Fit for DIY

Order your Photo Prints online - the best quality for your best memories with a 100-year colour guarantee!

Faber-Castell Pencil Box
Faber-Castell Pencil Box

Unlock your hidden creativity with a personalized pencil box from Faber-Castell! Design a box of 12 Colour Grip colour pencils or a tin of 24 Goldfaber Aqua watercolour pencils.

Discover our Photo Books
Discover our Photo Books

Enjoy award-winning quality with a wide range of sizes - design Photo Books in vibrant colours and premium materials!

Train Your Brain with a Photo Memory Game
Train Your Brain with a Photo Memory Game

It'll become your most favourite board game - 25 pairs of cards, each pair printed with your uploaded photo. How soon will you find a match?

Stay safe and get the most of it!

Stay safe and get the most of it!