Being creative at home is fun

Ideas for a creative pastime: make something new with your favourite pictures

Photos of our loved ones and our favourite places bring back the best memories. Creating personalized photo gifts brings us closer to family and friends, no matter the distance!

Unique home decor

Your Own Gallery Wall

Longing for something new? Arrange a beautiful gallery wall with a selection of your most beautiful pictures printed as wall art.

<p>Find useful tips on how to arrange your prints in a harmonious way in this video tip.</p>

Best Practice Tips

Find useful tips on how to arrange your prints in a harmonious way in this video tip.

The time is now

Pixum Photo Book for Grandparents

It might be particularly challenging for grandparents to do without a personal contact with the family. Surprise them with a Pixum Photo Book full of their grandchildren's snaps. We've prepared a free book template for you to be used in the Pixum Photo World software - view it, unpack and add your photos!

Pixum tip

Did you know, that...

... you can order photo gifts directly to your loved ones? Simply enter their delivery address in the ordering process. They will be thrilled with a surprise in their postbox!

A fun DIY project for the whole family!

DIY exploding box with photos

Everyone loves original DIY gifts! Make an exploding box together with your family. Personalized with your own photos, this gift box will make grandparents happy when presented! Every family member is free to add something unique to it - there's room for so much love.

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