Creative Christmas gift ideas

This year, make us creative ideas to create extraordinary gifts in extra-special packaging. Here, you can discover ideas for making your gifts that bit more personal.

Pixum Photo Book for baking recipes

Love baking and want to showcase your best recipes? Create your own baking book.

Photo print Christmas tree baubles

Create original decoration for your Christmas tree using your best photos.

Pixum photo book with movie

Shoot a memorable video and print your photo book with a QR-code.

Recipe postcards

Want to wish your friends and family a Merry Christmas this advent in an unusual way or are on the lookout for ideas for sending season's greetings to professional contacts that stand out from the crowd?

Backlit acrylic print

Take your photo to the next step with a backlit acrylic print!

Photo stickers as gift labels

Individualise your present wrapping even further. Pixum photo stickers make it easy.

Photo jigsaw as a voucher

Looking for an extraordinary way to send someone on their way? Use a jigsaw as a travel voucher or other gift voucher?

Photo poster voucher

Your photo poster can be turned into a unique voucher for any gift you choose quickly and easily-

Series of photos - bringing nature into your home

A series of photos on a stylish wooden rail is the ideal decoration for any room and a great way of presenting your photos to the nature lover in your life.

Pixum Photo Book as a cook book

Turn your images into unique recipe books, creating a unique selection of recipes or the perfect gift

Photo calendar with a frame

Give your photo calendar a fun background - for example a giant gingerbread man made from cardboard.

Decorative star passport photos

Looking for an idea for Christmas decorations for your home or want to show off your best picture as a photo collage?

Aluminium print memo board

The right place for your notes or announcements, an aluminium photo print with a blackboard film, ideal for your kitchen, home or office.

Photo stickers for homemade jam

Photo stickers are a great way of putting your own name on your jars of homemade jam.

Photo prints as a sign holder

An easy and decorative way of storing notices or flyers in a stylish manner.

Pixum Photo Book with souvenirs

Preserve momentoes such as tickets and other souvenirs from your holiday alongside your Pixum Photo Book.

Photo mug as a candle

The photo mug as a candle is just the right for warm, cosy evenings in together and as a gift.

Forex print key rack

Looking for a unique key rack for your home?

Acrylic print serving platter

Make your Christmas dining table absolutely unique. Easy to create using your choice of photo.

Bookmark for your Pixum Photo Book

Create a unique book mark matching your Pixum Photo Book.

Photo canvas jewellery rack

Somewhere stylish to store your favourite jewellery, as a present or for your own home.

Decorate Pixum Photo with stickers

Let your children tell their own stories with a Photo Book.

Glass clock as world clock

Create your own world time clocks - simply use images of the cities in question whose time is being shown.

Postcards for wine connoisseurs

Impress your loved ones with their very own wine card.

Photo cushion as headphone stand

Keep your headphones in style and comfort with the cuddly photo cushion.