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Personalised Pet Advent Calendar

Pets are part of the family! Suprise your pet with a personalised pet advent calendar? You can use our advent calendar that you can fill yourself for your pet. You can fill the empty dog advent calendar for example with your dogs favourite treats. The front can be personalised with a photo. The pet advent calendar is also perfect for cats, birds, rodents or other beloved animals.

Creative & Unique

Advent Calendar To Fill Yourself

Use our advent calendar that you can fill yourself to create your own dog advent calendar. The front can be personalised with your favourite photo. The calendar is available in portrait or landscape format to always bring out the best in your picture. Then you can fill your creation with treats & toys for your dog, cat or any other furry friend.

The 24 compartmens to fill yourself have space for different sized surprises:

  • Size of the advent calendar: 48×36 cm, Tiefe: 3,5 cm

  • Smallest doors: 5×5 cm

  • Medium doors landscape format: 5×13 cm

  • Medium doors portrait format: 5×6 cm

  • Largest door: 10×13 cm

Pet Advent Calendars To Fill Yourself:

Sold Out

Advent Calendar To Fill Yourself Portrait

  • Large print of your favourite picture on the front

  • Fill each door individually

  • Festive designs available

  • Size: 36×48×3,5 cm

Photo Advent Calendar to fill yourself in landsccape format wit an image of a dog in a Christmas setting
Sold Out

Advent Calendar To Fill Yourself

  • Large print of your favourite picture on the front

  • Fill each door individually

  • High-quality FSC®-certified 350 g/m² thick paper

  • Festive designs available

  • Size: 48×36×3,5 cm

Ideas For Your Furry Friend

Fill Your Personalised Dog Advent Calendar

You can fill the dog advent calendar to your own liking and hide a present for your beloved friend behind each door. Treats are always a great idea. Here are some more ideas:

  • Small chewy treats

  • Dog biscuits

  • Tasty pates for cats & dogs

  • Great dental chews

  • Tiny toys

Create Quick & Easy

Create your pet calendar quick & easy in our online designer:

  1. Choose between portrait or landscape format. Then upload your favourite picture(s).

  2. You can select just one photo or use multiple to create a photo collage. For this you can use one of your layout templates.

  3. Use a festive Pixum design to make your advent calendar stand out.

  4. Personalise your advent calendar even more by adding cliparts, a background colour or text. How about your cat's or dog's name?

  5. Happy with your creation? Just add it to your basked and proceed to checkout.

As soon as the advent calendar has arrived at your doorstep you can get creative and start filling each door with little festive surprises.

Print Your Pet Advent Calendar

Inspiration For The Front Picture Of Your Advent Calendar

Turn your dog or cat advent calendar into a true eye-catcher:

  • A photo of your cat or dog in the snow is the perfect image for the front of the calendar

  • You can also use a photo of you and your pet

  • If you want to relive some precious memories, use a picture of your pet as a kitten or puppy

  • If you can't decide on just one beautiful picture, create a photo collage using all your best snaps

  • Looking for something creative and unique? Why not use a close-up of a paw or the cute face

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Advent Calendar With Picture Doors

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Advent Calendars With kinder® Chocolates

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Retro Print Advent Calendars

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  • Add your personal message

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