Edit photo book pages
Edit photo book pages

Learn how to move, delete, copy and create new pages in the Photo World Software!

Pages in a Pixum Photo Book: Create, delete, move & copy

When designing a photo book you often notice that pages are missing - or that you would rather move the existing pages. If you follow a few simple rules, redesigning the pages is no problem.

Being creative with pages - Move photo book pages

All pages can be moved freely within the photo book. An exception is of course the book title (i.e. the front and back). And since the first and last pages of the book are single pages, they occupy a special position

The easiest way is to move double pages with the mouse in the page layout bar:

  1. Here you can see the individual pages of your book as thumbnails either below (for landscape photo books) or on the right (for portrait photo books).
  2. Click on one of the thumbnails and drag it to any other place.
  3. The relocated double page is placed before the destination double page if you drag it further forward from the back of the photo book.
  4. If you move one page backwards, it will be placed behind the target page.

Loners - Delete and insert single pages

The deletion and insertion of single pages is more difficult. This is simply because when inserting or deleting single pages, the subsequent double pages are resolved, since one page slides onto a new double page at a time - and the entire layout of the double pages is destroyed.

  1. You can insert (and delete) individual pages either by right-clicking on one of the page thumbnails or using the layout menu.
  2. When deleting, you are asked whether the following pages should be moved upwards. If you confirm, the double pages break apart.
  3. If you do not accept this, the page will not be removed, only its contents will be completely deleted.
  4. In short: The deletion and insertion of single pages should always be avoided if there is already content on the following pages.

Adding Pages

Double and single pages can also be deleted and added via the layout menu. "Add" in this case means that the pages are moved forward by a single page or a double page and an empty page is brought forward.

Download the Pixum Photo World Software

Download the Pixum Photo World Software

Use the Pixum Photo World Software and design your individual products with numerous design options - start and finish creative projects at any time!

Pixum tip

The shifting of single pages is not provided by default. But it does work - you only need a free single page as target page.

  1. Go to the source page and select all elements on the page by drawing a frame.
  2. On the keyboard, select Ctrl + C (Win) or Command + C (Mac).
  3. Click on the target page and enter the keyboard combination to insert: Ctrl + V (Win) or Command + V (Mac)

Copying pages from one photo book to another

Ordering the same photo book multiple times is no problem at all. But what if you don't need the entire photo book twice, but only individual pages of it?

While the family would rather see more pictures of the ceremony in the wedding photo book, friends might be happy to see a lot of photos of the party later in the day. Creating two photo books at once is very time-consuming.

The uncomplicated solution: just redesign a few pages in the second photo book for your friends and copy the majority from the first book. With a little trick this is easily possible.

  1. Open the Pixum Photo World Software twice on your computer.
  2. In the first window, open the photo book from which you want to copy pages. In the second window, prepare the photo book to be filled with the copied pages. Important: Both photo books must have the same format!
  3. Select the desired page in the first book with Ctrl + a (cmd + a on the Mac) and then copy it with Ctrl + c (cmd + c on the Mac).
  4. Go to the second photo book and paste the page in the appropriate place with Ctrl + v (or cmd + v). You have now copied the entire page into the new photo book.

Attention: Unfortunately it is not possible to copy the background of a page directly. This must be inserted into your new photo book again. However, clipart and text fields are duplicated just like photos.

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  • The photo book you have chosen is currently only available in the Pixum Photoworld Software. Please create this photo book on your PC/Mac or select one of our other formats.
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