Reorder your Pixum Photo Book

Family and friends are all impressed by your Pixum Photo Book with its great memories? Surprise them with their own copy of the book.

Reorder your Pixum Photo Book in 3 easy steps

Order as many copies of your new Pixum Photo Book as you wish! Projects ordered via the Pixum Photo World software, the mobile Pixum App and the Pixum Photo World app are available up to 12 weeks after the order has been submitted. Projects created in the Online Editor directly on our homepage can be found in your account in the 'My Products' section. And here is how you reorder a copy:

  1. log In to your Pixum account
  2. check the order details and proceed to the checkout

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1. Order exact same copy / Initial order made within the last 12 weeks

Another copy of your great book

Happy with the amazing book quality and would like to order an exact same copy of the artwork?

In case you have ordered the first copy within the last 12 weeks, the reordering process is very simple and quick. Please note, that no changes on the product can be made when you select this option. We simply get the same project with the same paper type, cover and size and print it again for you.

Step by step:

  1. click on "Reorder here"
  2. your personal photo book gallery will be loaded - here, you see all recently ordered Pixum Photo Books. Order older than 12 weeks will not appear in the book gallery
  3. now, simply click on the shopping cart icon below the corresponding book cover to add it to your order. You can either directly proceed to checkout or surf our shop for other great gifts printed with your photos.

2. Edit the project & order anew / Initial order older than 3 months

If you have ordered your photo book more than 12 weeks ago or if you'd first like to edit the project (e.g. add further photos or text) and then reorder the photo book, please proceed as follows:

a) using the Online Designer

  1. projects created with the Online Designer are automatically saved in the 'My products' section. In the 'Ordered products' section, you will find an overview of all the photo books you have ordered via our online shop
  2. select the desired book by clicking on 'edit'. The Online Designer now loads automatically
  3. edit your photo book according if you feel like it and move it to the shopping cart. If you have a coupon, you can redeem it here into the shopping cart - the voucher spot is right above the scheduled delivery

b) using the Pixum Photo World software

In case you have created your draft in the Pixum Photo World software, a digital copy of your book is most probably to be found on your computer.

  1. run the software and click on 'Open' on the upper bar. Select the book you want to reorder from the suggested list. If you are not sure, where the book has been saved to on the computer, simply search for a Photo World file with the extension ".mcf" and open it by double-clicking on it
  2. as soon as you have opened the photo book project, you can edit the book if you wish and proceed with the reordering process

c) using the mobile Pixum App

  1. photo books you have designed on the Pixum App on your smartphone or tablet are being saved automatically on the mobile device
  2. run the app and scroll down to the 'Previous orders' section where you can select and copy the ordered project
  3. the book will now appear again in the 'Projects' section and can be edited and ordered again. It's now just in a few days that you get your best photos in the highest quality!

d) using the mobile Pixum Photo World app

  1. books made on the Pixum Photo World app on your smartphone or tablet are automatically being stored locally on the device
  2. recently designed photo book projects can be found in the menu bar at the top left in the 'Projects' section. Tap on it to see the complete list of your photo book projects
  3. select the desired book, adjust it if necessary and then simply put it into the shopping cart to order it again

Premium quality for your memories

Special memories are eternal in a Pixum Photo Book. Give these memories to your loved ones. Discover the many possibilities in the Pixum Photo World Software.

3. Ordering copies for friends

Up to 3 months after the initial order, you can issue a preview link with a reordering option and email it to your family & friends:

  1. log into your personal photo book gallery and click on the grey button with an arrow (right below the book cover) to select the option of sharing the project
  2. if you would like to enable others to order book copies for themselves, please also check the box "Allow ordering" - but this is optional
  3. copy and email the link for your album to be viewed by your family & friends only

Should the initial order be older than 3 months, or also if your friends would like to make slight changes in the book, you can export the book project (both .mcf-files or the .xmcf file package) onto a USB stick or to your Cloud to share it with friends.

Your friends will then only need to install the Photo Photo World software. Note: In this case, your friends can make adjustments to the project to their wishes before they reorder it

What about if you'd like to share your album before submitting the order? Or how about books ordered via the Pixum homepage or on the mobile app? Making a book with wedding or birthday wishes from the family spread all over the world has never been that easy! Read our tips about organizing the process and also how exactly sharing a book works. Being creative with your loved ones is fun, no matter the distance!

Go get creative!

  • The photo book you have chosen is currently only available in the Pixum Photoworld Software. Please create this photo book on your PC/Mac or select one of our other formats.

    Online Designer

    • simple design options
    • create directly online
    • no installation required
  • The photo book you have chosen is currently only available in the Pixum Photoworld Software. Please create this photo book on your PC/Mac or select one of our other formats.
    Our customers' favourite

    Pixum Photo World software

    • a great variety of design tools
    • create offline on your desktop computer
    • a copy saved forever offline
  • The photo book you have chosen is currently only available in the Pixum Photoworld Software. Please create this photo book on your PC/Mac or select one of our other formats.

    Pixum App

    • a pretty draft in no time
    • get access to your phone storage
    • free lovely stickers

    also available for