Creative Photo Prints Ideas
Creative Photo Prints Ideas

Get inspired by our creative photo print ideas - and order your most beautiful pictures directly online

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Creative DIY ideas with photo prints

Show the world the great pictures you've taken, present something made by you and bring your old shots to life! You can do all this easily with Pixum photo prints - available in various sizes and, therefore, suitable for any crazy DIY project! Find here some DIY ideas and maybe also get inspired to upcycle your old photo prints.

Pixum photo prints - ideas at a glance

Exploding Box DIY

Make an exploding box decorated with your favourite photos. Discover your most beautiful moments anew together. A creative way to upcycle photo prints.

Photo Prints as baubles

On the look out for a truly original way to decorate your Christmas tree? Turn your photos into uniquely decorative baubles.

Photo series

A series of photos on a stylish wooden rail is the ideal decoration for any room and a great way of presenting your photos to the nature lover in your life.

A collage full of memories

Use your snaps and get them printed as Retro Prints to create a unique collage on your walls.

Photo stickers as labels

You want to make your gifts jars more personal? With the Pixum photo stickers it's easy!

A row of beautiful memories

Create amazing keepsakes for you and your guests with Pixum Photo strips. Design each one individually!

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