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Order a sheet of up to 8 Passport Photos directly online for only £2.99 per sheet. You are free to use either 8 different photos or 8 times the same photo.

  • 35 mm wide by 45 mm high - the standard UK passport photo size
  • Printed on glossy finish on high-quality photographic paper
  • Use 8 different or 8 identical photos

Pixum tip

Passport Photos Guidelines

The government has a set of guidelines that need to be followed for passport photo to be officially valid. Make sure your passport photos meet the government's guidelines. You can also read our summary of these in the FAQ area and other tips down below.

FAQ - Passport Photos

  • What are Passport Photos requirements?
    What are Passport Photos requirements?

    Passport photos must be 35×45 mm large - Pixum offers you a template to make sure the photo size is just as required for the application. It is important that the head appears in the centre on the passport photo.

    One should see the top of the head and your upper shoulders. Make sure, the top of the head is not too close to the upper edge of the print.

  • Passport Photos with a home digital camera?
    Passport Photos with a home digital camera?

    Absolutely! Use a tripod or ask someone to take a photo of you. Try not to laugh! Find a spot with the least details on the background, e.g., plain coloured door.

    Best passport photos are shot by daylight so there aren't any shadows behind you. You might need to adjust the brightness of the picture in the Online-Designer before you order the prints.

  • Where to take Passport Photos for babies?
    Where to take Passport Photos for babies?

    At home! Lay the baby onto a light-coloured blanket with no pattern. Stretch the blanket for a plain background. Attach a bright toy to the camera lens to attract some attention and avoid using flash.

    Make a few shots and choose one where it looks into the camera, mouth closed. It's only the baby that should be seen on the image - no toys or granny's hands.

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Design your custom passport photos

Not only for passport application

  • Since you only need 2 identical photos for renewal, you can add snaps of your family members to the other 6 photo frames of the passport photo template.
  • Ensure to edit the photos so that the colours are bright enough and the head position is just as required for the biometric passport.

How to order Passport Photos online

  1. Load the Online-Designer and upload your photos.
  2. Add the pictures to each of the 8 frames per drag & drop. Customize them to your liking - edit colours, crop, etc.
  3. Satisfied? Simply add them into the shopping cart and submit the order!

What Passport Photos are acceptable?

Please keep in mind following guidelines for your photos to meet the official regulations.

  • Only use non-blurry, colour pictures a plain white, cream or light grey background.
  • There shouldn't be any shadows or other objects in the background.

Further information

  • You must be facing forward with a close-up of your full head, shoulders and the upper body.
  • Have a neutral expression with your mouth closed and eyes clearly open (wear glasses? Watch out for glare!).
  • Don't wear any hats or other head covering (unless it's for religious or medical reasons).

Perfect for child passports

The guidelines and rules are also valid for babies and children. Of course, there are some small exceptions, but the subject needs to be in the photo by themselves, no matter their age. Otherwise, please consider the following:

  • The expression of children under six years old does not have to be neutral.
  • Babies should be laid onto plain coloured cloth and the photos should then be taken from above.

Passport Photos online - on high-quality photo paper

We develop your photos exclusively on high-quality premium paper (233 g/m²) with a 100-year colour guarantee (colour-fast, UV-resistant). In addition, our automatic image optimisation (DPO) ensures optimal results and radiantly beautiful photos.

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