Passport Photos

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Product description

Order a sheet of up to 8 photos for only £2.99 per sheet. You are free to use either 8 different photos or 8 times the same photo.

passport photos

Product details

Material: Photo paper
Paper quality: 233 g/m≤ high-quality paper
Number of photos: up to 8 photos per print
Measurements: 35◊45 mm per photo

Our tip: you can adjust the layout for the individual photo areas and thus also the respective size individually. Customize colours or move frames to further customize your passport photos. You can use the same picture for all passport photos or design each image area with a different photo.


High-quality photo paper

We develop your photos exclusively on high-quality premium paper (233 g/m≤) with a 100-year colour guarantee (colour-fast, UV-resistant). In addition, our automatic image optimisation (DPO) ensures optimal results and radiantly beautiful photos.

further information

Passport photo guidelines

Please keep in mind following guidelines for your photos to meet the official regulations.

  • Only use non-blurry, colour pictures a plain white, cream or light grey background
  • There shouldn't be any shadows or other objects in the background
  • You must be facing forward with a close-up of your full head, shoulders and the upper body
  • Have a neutral expression with your mouth closed and eyes clearly open (wear glasses? Watch out for glare!)
  • Don't wear any hats or other head covering (unless it's for religious or medical reasons)

nice to know

Perfect for child passports

The guidelines and rules above are also valid for babies and children. Of course, there are some small exceptions, but the subject needs to be in the photo by themselves, no matter their age. Otherwise, please consider the following:

  • The expression of children under six years old does not have to be neutral
  • babies should be laid onto plain coloured cloth and the photos should then be taken from above

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