Orders & Delivery: Information and tips about your Pixum shopping basket

Please note: this article does not concern photo book orders. Photo book orders are always done through the Pixum Photobook software and (currently) cannot be combined with photo prints or other photo products. All information about photo book orders can be found here »

What is the shopping basket?

The shopping basket is your virtual shopping cart where you can place all products you wish to order. Everything in your shopping basket is stored there, so that you can easily collect various products there before finalising your order. For instance: you can place uploaded images from the inbox directly into the shopping basket and then continue to our online shop and select other products (mugs, posters, etc.) with a personal photo there. Then simply place the chosen product(s) in the shopping basket and order all products together in one order.

If you are logged in to your Pixum account the products are stored in the shopping basket, even when you close your browser, disconnect from the internet or leave your computer. Simply login to your Pixum account with your next visit to revisit your shopping basket with personalised photo products stored in it.

When shopping at Pixum without being logged into your account, the products in the shopping basket are stored there until the end of your session (until you close the browser). Naturally you can login somewhere in between, then the temporary shopping basket is immediately transferred to your Pixum account and will be stored there even after this session.


Where can I find the shopping basket?

Wherever you are on the Pixum website, in the upper right corner below the search fields you will find a link to the shopping basket. Simply click on the little arrow symbol next to the link and a small overview will pop up showing the products and values in your basket. By clicking on the link "Shopping basket" or the button "Checkout" you are directed to the shopping basket, where you can make changes, continue shopping or finish your order.


Which features does the shopping basket have to offer?

The overview will show all products in the shopping basket, sorted by product group. Per product you are given

Below the products you have the option to enter and redeem a voucher.

At the bottom of the shopping basket, the postage costs and the total value of your order are shown. The VAT is always included in the price, is only mentioned there separately for your information.

You also have the option to deactivate or re-activate the Digital Photo Optimisation (DPO) for the entire order.


What kind of changes can I make in the shopping basket and how?

Deactivate/activate the Digital Photo Optimisation (DPO)

The digital photo optimisation (DPO) is activated as a default setting. In the shopping basket overview below the total value of the order you can deactivate the DPO. More information can be found by clicking on the information button (i) next to the DPO feature.

Change quantity and format

You can change the quantity per product or image in the shopping basket. For this simply click on "Details" next to the product name. Under the product name a detailled view of this product is opened. In the first row of the detailled view you can change the quantity and (for photo prints) the format for all products in this product group.

  • If you wish to change the chosen format, select the desired format in the drop-down-menu. Click on the arrow below and then on the desired format from the list.
  • You can change the quantity
    • by clicking on the blue minus or plus symbol and increasing or decreasing the quantity in steps of 1
    • by double-clicking in the field "Quantity" and mark the quantity indicated and entering the new quantity on your keyboard.

These feautres are also available per single image. If you only wish to change the quantity or format of single images, you can perform the above-mentioned steps in the the row next to the miniature preview of your image.

Change file name (for photo formats 9cm/3.5" - 20cm/8")

In the detailled view of the photo formats 9cm/3.5", 10cm/4", 11cm/4.5", 13cm/5" and 20cm/8" you can change the back side print of your images to a personal note.

Simply click on the text field below the image and overwrite the image name with whatever text you want.

Please note:

  • Following symbols cannot be used: " $ {}
  • Due to technical reasons the text is limited to a maximum of 11 characters

Delete products

If there is a product in your shopping basket that you do not wish to order, you can delete it from the shopping basket by clicking on "Delete" in the detailled view.

Add product(s)

If you want to add photo prints in a different format you can simply click on "Add product" in the detailled view. Here you can select all photo formats up to the 30cm/12" Photo Poster format in the drop-down menu. If you want to add other formats or other products, you can create the chosen product on the concerning product page in our online shop. From there you can place it into the shopping basket together with the other products.


Tip: Clcik on the blue button "Recalculate" after making all the changes to make sure all changes have been processed and to check the new costs for your order.

How to finish an order?

  1. Shopping basket

    • Go to your personal shopping basket (click on the link in the upper right corner below the search) and check all listed products in the overview. Please pay close attention to the quality indication!
    • If you have a voucher, please enter it in the voucher field and click on "Save!". Help for redeeming vouchers can be found here »
    • Check the total sum of your order and click on "Continue"
  2.  Address & payment

    • If you are not logged in, you are now asked to enter your user information (email address and password). If you already have a Pixum account, please login now.
    • Enter an invoicing address. The last used addresses are shown in the top and can be selected as invoicing- or delivery address by clicking on it.
    • To enter an alternative delivery address, please select this in the top or click on "Alternative delivery address" below the invoicing address and enter the address info manually.
      Please note: if you do not enter a delivery address, your order will be sent to the invoicing address.
    • Select a payment method and fill out the required fields. Information about the available payment methods can be found here »
    • Check the address- and payment data and click on "Checkout"
  3.  Send order

    • On the final overview page before finishing your order, you will find a final overview of all entered information: ordered amount, invoice- / delivery address, payment method, digital photo optimisation and the expected date of completion.
    • If everything is correct, click on "Send order".
    • During the data transfer please do *not* click on yur mouse or type on your keyboard.
    • After a succesfull transfer you will see a confirmation page with your order number. Shortly afterwards you should receive an email confirmation as well. If not, please check your spam folder for emails of unknown recipients.



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