Baby photo album with Pixum design tools
Baby photo album with Pixum design tools

The first years are particularly special. Capture most beautiful moments in your baby photo album.

Capture the best moments with a baby photo album from Pixum

The baby is finally there! A wonderful time begins where the baby grows, and you get to know the world together. Especially in the first years of life, the baby develops so fast with so many beautiful moments, with a new highlight every day, which you surely capture with photos.

A whole collection of wonderful baby photos is quickly there, and these lovely snaps would make a great Pixum Photo Book. Make it to a stylish baby photo album that documents the discoveries your baby's making. The Pixum Photo Book is ideal for many occasions and also as a gift for grandparents or as your baby's first year photo album.

Your Baby's First Year Photo Album
The Frist Steps

Your Baby's First Year Photo Album

The very first year is full of discoveries - both for the child as for the parents. Cherish your precious memories in a personalized photo album.

Simply add your most favourite snaps of the very first smile, the first tooth, the first favourite meal...

Personalize your baby photo album with captions and notes telling the story of your parenthood. Remember that your experience as a parent is as unique as your child is. Add wishes from the family to read them later together with your child as soon as it starts reading.

Make Your Baby Photo Album in a Wink
Easy Photo Book Maker

Make Your Baby Photo Album in a Wink

Make a personalized photo album either in our free Pixum Photo World software for desktop computers, the Online Designer or get creative on the go with our free mobile app:

  1. choose the size, shape and the paper type for your future photo album
  2. upload your baby pictures
  3. add the photos either according to a theme (e.g., that's how the smile has changed) or chronologically into the album
  4. benefit from the pre-set layouts or design the pages from scratch
  5. add background colours, text boxes and stickers to make a one-of-a-kind photo book

Happy with your draft? Add it to the shopping cart and receive the parcel with a printed book in just a few days!

Personalized Photo Album - True to Your Taste
Baby Album Ideas

Personalized Photo Album - True to Your Taste

Enjoy the wide range of design tools Pixum offers you to help you fully unleash your creativity. Here are a few ideas to start with:

  • create photo collages on some pages to make your baby smile while you're browsing through the book together
  • take a photo each week with the same arrangement at home to make a photo album that shows how your baby is growing
  • design a photo book to a theme your baby particularly loves, e.g. a photo collection of the snaps of its favourite toys

Make a baby photo album that will be their most precious photo gift years after!

Create a Custom Baby Photo Book

Capture the first years of your baby forever and create your own photo book with all the memories of the day of birth, the first birthday and the first steps. Cherish your experience - add captions and text to describe your own way of being a parent, and surprise the grandparents with their own copy.

Discover more design ideas and tips for every occasion.

Pick the Best for Your New Baby Album
Size and Paper Types

Pick the Best for Your New Baby Album

Choose the matching size from the great variety of book shapes & sizes Pixum offers you: from a mini baby album to always have a copy in your handbag, up to a large photo album for the grandparents. Design your baby photo book as a portrait, landscape or a trendy square photo book. Can't decide yet? Here is a rule of thumb: if you plan to have 2 photos per page and mostly take portrait photos with your mobile phone camera, you might want to stick to a landscape-shaped photo album. In case you're not sure about the pages' layout, choosing a square photo book is the best option - this shape lets you create dynamic photo collages on each book page, using both landscape and portrait pictures.

As soon as you've picked a shape, you can select the size of your new baby album. There is usually at least 3 sizes for each shape: from a mini book, up to a large and extra large ones. All photo books are available with a true matt, matt (silky surface with little light reflexions) and a glossy paper finish.

Pre-designed Book Templates

Baby Photo Album Made in No Time

Benefit from our free book templates! Load the template in our free photo book maker to customize it with your own photos and captions. Here is how you do it:

  • select a book template and download it to your computer
  • run the Pixum Photo World software and open the template in the app
  • there are also matching themes and templates already installed in the software - go discover!
  • now, add your photos and text to the book template
  • you can still copy or delete single pages of the template, so that your baby photo album is fully personalized
  • happy with the draft? Add it to the shopping card, and you're done!

New: The Pixum Baby Board Book for only £24.95

Make your very own Pixum Baby Board Book and teach your little one the alphabet, animal names, your family's faces and much more. With the spiral-bound board book, you can design 22 pages individually. The corners are rounded for baby's safety.

Baby Photo Album on Desktop
Easy Photo Book Maker

Baby Photo Album on Desktop

With the free Pixum Photo World software, you get access to a wide range of design options. The software allows you to define every single detail of your project. In addition to the format, size and thickness of the future photo book, you can set other criteria such as paper & cover type. There is a plenty of flexible design options when it gets to the content. You can add suitable background patterns and can frame your favourite baby portraits with beautiful and funny sticker. This will be a fully personalized baby photo album!

There is also a great choice when it comes to the photo frames. Add matching professionally designed and free for you clipats all around the baby theme. You can use these as little hints or to highlight a particular snap. Each photo can be edited and provided with a text. The first drawing of your little one or a photo of the ultrasound images (or, take your wonder weeks) can also be part of the baby photo book.

Design Tools for Your Personalized Photo Book
Photo Book Maker

Design Tools for Your Personalized Photo Book

Here you will find the best design tools for your baby album:

  • cliparts: Click on the "Cliparts" tab in the lower left corner and select "Baby". Discover further matching stickers in the categories "Scrap Design" and "Children's birthday party".
  • masks & frames: Use masks and frames to change the shape of your photos. In the "Baby" category, you will find enchanting design ideas for your baby photos.
  • backgrounds: Click on "Backgrounds" to find suitable background colours and patterns. We've got mainly light pastel shades often decorated with playful elements such as clouds, butterflies, ladybirds or flowers.
  • styles: Select the "Styles" section to add a professional design to your baby photo book. Discover various matching styles in the category "Family".

Cherish Your Memories: Baby Photo Ideas

Wall Art to Make Them Smile
  • print your favourite snap and get new wall art to wow
  • various materials available
  • select a layout with several photos to make a photo collage
Baby Greeting Cards
  • make personalized greetings cards for the important baby occasions
  • various designs available: birth cards, birthday, religious celebrations
  • choose a matching size and a card shape
Photo Prints
  • order your recent snaps as high-quality photo prints
  • various sizes available: no image loss!
  • memories that never fade - 100 years guarantee for vivid colours

Pixum tip

A baby photo book for every year of life is a nice memory for the first, most important years of life. Later, the record of these personal milestones will be a beautiful gift when your child celebrates a wedding or moves out.

Therefore, think beforehand whether you want to stick in some mementos that are not quite flat. In this case, a soft cover with classical glue binding is best, as it is made of flexible cardboard.

Other Creative iIdeas

Make a Pixum Photo Book to a great DIY project of yours. Leave a few pages blank, for example, to add a footprint later with finger colours. Or put the first cut curl into an envelope and stick it to the backside of the cover. If the photo book is to be a pregnancy journal, you can add the results of the early tests and play with the font and the text form.

Take photos of all the little cute things that surround you during the first months of being a mum and use these snaps to decorate your new Pixum Photo Book:

  • a self-made pennant chain
  • a tiny baby sock
  • paintings by the big sister and bother
  • sheet music of a nursery rhyme, your baby always smiles to

Add a calendar where you mark when the baby slept through for the first time, when the first porridge was served, or when your sweetheart grabbed your finger for the first time.

The Pixum Baby Photo Book is the most beautiful memory of the first years. Due to the variety of design tools, you can keep the record of any period of life: from the birth through her teenage years. When browsing through your baby photo book, you will notice one thing: even decades later, you will experience the same emotions again as in that very moment.

Browse our gift selection with baby photos - photo products to record your pregnancy moments, photo gifts for a mom-to-be, a baby shower, a granny-to-be and other great presents!

Pixum tip

Still looking for the right design element? Select the "More" button and download further free cliparts, masks, frames, backgrounds and styles all around the baby theme.

Extraordinary moments in a trendy format
Extraordinary moments in a trendy format
  • Square (21×21 cm)
  • Hardback with layflat binding
  • Photo paper matt (seamless spread)
  • Best for dynamic travel books
  • from £36.95
The classic one in a portrait format
The classic one in a portrait format
  • A4 (21×28 cm)
  • hardback with glue binding
  • premium paper matt
  • switch to the glossy paper for intense colours
  • from £29.95
Your one-of-a-kind landscape album
Your one-of-a-kind landscape album
  • A4 (21×28 cm)
  • hardback with glue binding
  • premium paper matt with up to 202 pages
  • best for photo collages
  • from £33.95
Best Choice For Your Panoramic Photos
Best Choice For Your Panoramic Photos
  • A4 (28×21 cm)
  • Hardback with layflat binding (seamless spread)
  • Photo paper glossy (seamless spread)
  • from £46.95

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