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Hold on to your unique memories forever, Give joy with a Pixum photo book. With its durable material and sun resistant colors it can be passed down through generations

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Small Pixum photo book (square)

The square photo book on premium paper from Pixum. Small and fits in most pockets.

from £7.95

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Large Pixum photobook (portrait)

The A4 Pixum photo book in portrait format. Several beautiful covers and paper types to choose from.

from £15.99

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XXL Pixum photo book from (Landscape)

The XXL Pixum photo book in landscape format: Up to 154 pages, a lot of room for your unique photos.

from £59.99

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With your account you receive 1 GB onling storage for your photos. Simply upload your pictures and share them with your friends or family.


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Photo Book as a surprise gift for the partner

Often time spent, finding the perfect gift for someone can be hard. While there is always going to be some degree of uncertainty, a personal and homemade gift stands a better chance of being warmly accepted by the recipient than something store-bought. When it comes to homemade gift-giving, the possibilities are endless. One personal favourite is a photo book. This is a collection of photos from a specific event with heartfelt descriptions and quotations. It is commonly decorated with items such as ribbon or scrap-booking supplies. This is a great gift to surprise a loved one with for an anniversary or the holidays.

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A photo book is relatively easy to make, regardless of your artistic skills; the supplies that are required are also easy to come by because of their versatility. Feel free to let your creativity run wild with this project. When you are ready, you will need some type of paper. This can be simple construction paper or something more elegant, such as scrap-booking paper. You will also need embellishments of some sort. Again, feel free to experiment with this. Your local craft supply store should have a wide selection of items to choose from. The last thing you will need is your pictures. A photo book should be about an event that is meaningful for the person who is going to receive it. For example, an anniversary photo book could have pictures of your first date. Whatever event you choose, make sure to personalize it to your loved one.

The holidays can be a stressful time for many people. There is a considerable amount of work to be done between cooking large family meals, shopping for dozens of gifts, and still balancing your normal routine on top of that. These reasons are why quick and simple gifts are of immense benefit during the holidays. One example of an easy gift is a photo book. It provides the recipient with a personal and thoughtful gift that will not wear out in a few years. A photo book does not need fresh batteries or require a tremendous amount of work to maintain. It is a simple and effective gift that shows how much you care about someone. As you can see, a photo book is an ideal gift for someone, no matter what the occasion is. It brings a new level of warmth to any relationship, and shows how deeply you care for someone.

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The Pixum photo book starts from £9.99

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