Gallery Print
  • 3.6 mm thick acrylic sheet on the surface (glossy) backed with a sturdy 3 mm aluminium layer
  • Best option for a gallery look at home
  • Vivid colours and a 3D-like visual effect
  • Various sizes available from £34.99

Thanks to the high-quality material, your photo is showcased professionally with the aesthetics of an art gallery.

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Pixum Gallery Print

The Pixum Gallery Print is our high-end wall art option that creates breathtaking wall art worthy of an exhibition. Your photo will be printed directly onto the back of an acrylic sheet and then re-enforced with an aluminium layer. This guarantees a great depth effect and colour brilliance, as well as durability and sturdiness.

Creative Design Ideas

Photo Collage

  • Select as many photos as you wish
  • Use pre-designed layouts so save time

Home Picture Wall

Find useful tips and see how to mount your home picture gallery with no effort at all! Save time with our pro tips.

Curious? - Find out more about Pixum Gallery Print!

Find out everything about the Pixum Gallery Print and its special features in this video.

What is so special about Gallery Prints?

Find out everything about the Pixum Gallery Print and its special features in this video.

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Pixum Gallery Prints

FAQ - Most common questions

  • What is important for the design?
    What is important for the design?

    The quality of your gallery print depends of course on the uploaded photo itself. Just make sure that the selected image has the necessary quality. If the resolution is not suitable,it will be indicated by a warning sign during the design process and in the shopping cart. Please also note, that it is unfortunately not possible to drill holes in the print after you have received the print. Please pay attention while selecting the wall hangers.

  • Which sizes are available?
    Which sizes are available?

    We have got the matching size for every wall! No matter how big or small the gap is - there is guaranteed space for a Pixum Gallery Print. Our smallest size already starts 20×20 cm. For a WOW-effect, choose a print over one meter large. You have the choice between many orientations and aspect ratios: Our Gallery Prints are available in 2:1, 3:2 4:3 or 16:9 as well as in large panorama or square Instagram format. You are guaranteed to find a suitable size for your photo!

  • What other materials are available?
    What other materials are available?

    Find numerous possibilities to upgrade your walls at Pixum! Whether you're looking for a canvas print, a photo poster or a wood print - take a look at our wall art overview. Perhaps you are also looking for a custom photo gift for your loved ones? Why not simply create wall art for your child or the whole family - especially the relatives living further away will be delighted with it!

Gallery Print: Wall Art to Wow!

Gallery Print: Wall Art to Wow!

The Gallery Print receives its high quality through the combination of several materials. The base is a 3 mm thick aluminium dibond sheet: these are two aluminium layers with a polythene core between them. These materials reinforce the 4 mm thick acrylic glass that is placed on top. It provides an impressive, almost a 3D depth effect. Your image is safe from the UV light and any weather or other damage in between the plexiglass and aluminium layers.

Special Features of a Gallery Print

Special Features of a Gallery Print

  • Safe: the photo is enclosed between the layers and thus optimally protected from external environmental influences. Even UV-rays cannot harm your gallery print due to the UV-protection.
  • Light-weight: although a large Gallery Print does have a considerable weight compared to other Pixum wall art, it is still lighter than a real glass frame.
  • Unbreakable: sturdy acrylic glass is significantly more break-resistant than normal glass.
Elegant & Stable

Elegant & Stable

  • Form stable: the material mix of the aluminium dibond sheet as well as the thickness of each of the layers were constructed to ensure form stability even for large formats. Your wall art always remains stable
  • Elegant look: gallery prints looks particularly noble and classy due to the extraordinary material combination and the solid glass layer. The appearance resembles the exhibition of paintings in galleries.
Various Sizes Available

Various Sizes Available

Either a portrait or landscape snapshot in the aspect ratio of 2:1, 3:2, 4:3 or 16:9, square or panoramic - find the ideal size in the large selection of available formats. Due to the many available sizes, a gallery print is guaranteed to fit anywhere! The smallest size is 20×20 cm and is the perfect choice for a small Instagram shot. Your impressive landscape photos, on the other hand, will certainly feel at home in 150×100 cm - top photographic performance should also be celebrated appropriately!

High-End Quality with Pixum

High-End Quality with Pixum

The Pixum Gallery Print is being printed with the proven 7-colour direct print technique. This gives more vivid colours and the pictures looks sharp even in the smallest detail. Your photo will be printed directly onto the aluminium layer (Alu-Dibond). The combination with the thick plexiglass creates a great depth effect due to the refraction of light, almost comparable to a 3D effect!

Mounting Your Gallery Print

Mounting Your Gallery Print

If you are looking for a mounting kit that is not visible on the outside of the print, our rail system is the right choice:

  • Rail System: The rail system is pre-mounted by our technicians on the back of the Wall Art and enables easy and flexible mounting on the wall. It's a very solid mounting kit option, specially created for larger prints that tend to get a bit heavy.
  • Clamping and Screw Sets

    Clamping and Screw Sets

    • Screw System: simply insert the delivered screws through pre-drilled holes. The construction sets the print at a distance of 2 cm from the wall and creates a floating effect. The elegant silver screws are visible on the front.
    • Clamping System: the clamping brackets are also visible from the front and ensure a 2 cm large wall gap. However, they are only clamped over the edge of the picture, so no drills on the wall print surface are necessary.
    Here is How To Order

    Here is How To Order

    1. Click on "Design Yours" to upload your photograph. The online designer automatically suggests the most suitable size for your print
    2. Edit your uploaded image or select a different print size or switch to a different wall mounting kit. Here, you can also adjust the crop factor or colours of the image
    3. Load the designed product into the shopping cart, check everything again and then simply proceed to the online checkout - and in a few days your gallery print is ready to be mounted on the wall!