Discover our elegant Aluminium Print. Choose the matching size from a great variety of classical and trendy formats.


The Pixum Alu-Dibond murals stand out thanks to the elegant silky matt and reflection-free surface.

Pixum Aluminium Print

Through its durability and longevity our Aluminium prints have proved to be not only sturdy, but also elegant in its visual appearance with a matt surface. Perfect for any type of photo.

  • lightweight - ideal for any type of wall
  • durable and stable
  • direct printed (7 colour UV print directly onto the silky metal sheet)
  • lots of sizes and formats available: from 20×20 cm to XXL in 150×100 cm

How much does my aluminium print cost?

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    FAQ - Most common questions >>>

    • Where and how do I design an Aluminium Print?
      Where and how do I design an Aluminium Print?

      Create a custom Alu-Dibond Wall Art with your own photo either with the free Pixum Photo World software or directly online in the Online-Editor. The design is ready in just a few steps - simply upload the perfect photo, edit it to your own taste and order your artwork to hang it on your walls in only a few days!

    • How does my photo get to an Alu-Dibond?
      How does my photo get to an Alu-Dibond?

      Your photo is being printed directly onto the aluminium surface (by UV direct print technique). An empty aluminium panel is white - a rather boring mural. However, the metallic white surface delicately shines through white areas of the selected image. The print surface is slightly structures which seems to be shimmering - a perfect choice for snow landscapes with snow or breathtaking shots of clouds over a water surface.

    • Which sizes are available?
      Which sizes are available?

      Choose from different shapes and sizes the matching one for your new Wall Art! The Aluminium prints are available in the horizontal and vertical formats in 2:1, 3:2, 4:3 as well as in the special 16:9 cinema format. You can also order a print in DIN A4 to DIN A1 or in panorama size. We also manufacture various square sizes for you!

    Creative design ideas

    Photo Collage

    • select as many photos as you wish
    • use pre-designed layouts so save time

    Pixum Aluminium Prints

    Advantages of an Alu-Dibond Print

    Alu-Dibond is the ideal Wall Art option for high-quality pictures with detailed scenes, such as portraits, city panoramas or photos of architecture. Businesses often pick up this noble and stable material, which itself steps into the background to draw full attention to the image. Set up your home and office in a modern way - with an Alu-Dibond as a direct print!

    The structure of the material

    Your metal mural consists of a sandwich kind of panel which includes a polyethene core is enclosed by two very thin aluminium layers. Together, the layers are only 3 mm thick, which is why the image steps into the foreground.

    Alu-Dibond Prints offer you the following advantages:

    • high bend strength & maximum robustness
    • light- and UV-resistant
    • very light material therefore also suitable for difficult walls
    • extremely low reflection due to matt surface (direct print option)
    • exceptionally high color saturation and sharp images

    Numerous sizes

    Enjoy the wide range of sizes available. Choose from over 50 different options - either a square, panoramic or 3:2 and 4:3 shape. The flexibility of the formats allows you to easily add the new Wall Art to your home wall gallery.

    Wall hangers: screw and clamp sets

    Screw sets: If you opt for the elegant screw system, we pre-drill your Alu-Dibond in the four corners so that you can hang it using the four decorative screws and dowels supplied with the delivery. The screws are partly visible from the front and provide a wall distance of about 20 mm.

    Clamping set: Your print is delivered with four clamping brackets, which you simply put over the edge of the wall picture in a completely flexible way. The big advantage: no holes in the print itself!

    Railing system and mirror plates

    Railing system: The railing system is not visible from the front and provides a wall distance of about 1 cm.

    Mirror plates: The self-adhesive reverse side of the sheets makes them very easy to mount on the back of the picture. Mounted the wall with screws or nails later, the print has a distance of 1 cm to the wall.

    No wall hangers: If you have other plans with your Wall Art, you can of course also order it with no additional wall hangers.

    Create an Alu-Dibond online

    Design your Pixum Aluminium Print in only a few steps:

    1. "Create now" and select the perfect size
    2. Select a wall hanger set and upload a photo.
    3. Edit your design as you prefer and adjust size, contrast and sharpness
    4. Place your Wall Art into the Basket and proceed to checkout - done!

    Always best possible quality

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