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Aluminium Print

Get durability and quality in one with the Pixum Aluminium print. Sophistication in simplicity with a matt appearance.
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Through its durability and longevity our Aluminium prints have proved to be not only sturdy, but also elegant in its visual appearance with a matt surface. Perfect for any type of photo.

  • Light-weight - ideal for any type of wall
  • Durable and stable
  • Available as Direct Print (7 colour UV print directly onto the aluminium plate) and Fine Art (your photo will be developed on glossy premium paper and then mounted onto the aluminium plate)
  • Lots of sizes and formats available: from 20×20 cm to 150×100 cm

Picture hanging options available for an Aluminium Print

You can select a suitable picture hanging kit for your wall art after you have placed your finished print in the basket. To find out which picture hanging option is available for your print, please refer to the pricelist.
  • Screw system

    Screw system

    Your product will be delivered with pre-drilled holes. You can then hang your Pixum Wall Art on the wall with the four supplied metal screws, which allow a 2 cm gap to the wall.

  • Clamping system

    Clamping system

    The four clamping brackets are included in the delivery. You can then hang your photo print on the wall with the four supplied mounting screws. The picture hanging kit is flexible; your Pixum Wall Art will remain unaffected by the clamping brackets. The clamping system allows a 2 cm gap between the wall and the Pixum Wall Art. The clamping system accommodates Pixum Wall Art with up to 7 cm material thickness. For all Pixum Wall Art products with a thickness less than 7 cm, such as the Pixum Forex Print, Acrylic Print and Aluminium Print, spacers to stick on will be provided. This way, your Pixum Wall Art product will be perfectly secured in the clamping system.

  • Mirror plates

    Mirror plates

    Mirror plates are ideal for smaller photo print sizes and formats (the shorter side of the print should not be more than 30 cm long). They are attached to the upper two corners on the backside of your Pixum Wall Art and are not visible from the front. Spacers will be attached to the print on its lower backside, which allow a consistent gap of 1 cm to the wall.

  • Railing system

    Railing system

    The railing system is available for larger sizes and formats (the shorter side should not be smaller than 35 cm). It is attached to the backside of the Pixum Wall Art and not visible from the front. It allows a gap of 1 cm to the wall.

  • Without picture hanging kit

    Without picture hanging kit

    This product can also be purchased without any picture hanging kit.

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  • I needed a rigid and robust base for a poster advertising my local mountaineering club. I wanted it to be strong enough to carry the weight of a fully loaded DL size leaflet dispenser attached with contact adhesive on the face of the print at the bottom. The Pixum aluminium direct print did the job perfectly - with excellent colour and sharpness - and has now been successfully installed at a nearby climbing wall facility.
  • Colours really came out great on aluminium. As the surface is so matt, there are no reflections at all. Thank you, Pixum

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