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Pixum Wall Art Tips & Tricks

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Arranging your wall art: The right height for your pictures

The height and the position that you adopt for hanging up your wall painting is not something you can just guess. Instead, it all depends on the size and the shape of the image, the space as well as its typical use and, last but not least, the further arrangement of the space.

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The right height for your wall art

In general, you ought to bear in mind that the centre of the image should hang at about the same height, i.e. at a height of 1.60 m. Ideally, a third of the image should be above eye level and two thirds below it. If you would like to embed your wall art harmoniously into the overall look and feel of the room, use the so-called golden section. You can determine this as follows:

  • Measure the ceiling height and mark from the ground measured 5/8 of it. Example: ceiling height = 2.50 m. 2,50 × 5/8 = marking it at 1,56 m height
  • Take the same measure on the image and, in turn, mark 5/8 of the image height measured from the bottom edge.
  • If you now hang up the wall art, the picture mark should be on the line on the wall.

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If you want to hang up your wall art in a room that you mainly use whilst sitting, then the eye level is significantly lower down. In this case, the bottom edge of the picture should hang about 30 cm above the seat section of your sofa.

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Channeling the mood

Fixed rules are not always useful. Before you drill a hole in the wall, you should take into consideration the other furnishings in the room. If, for example, a door is close to the wall, you can close your print with the top edge of the door frame for harmony. Further possible points of reference for the placement of your image could be, for example, these furnishings:

  • Fireplace
  • Cabinet
  • Window frames
  • The height of your wall-mounted TV

If such orientation points are not sufficiently met, your room might end up with a somewhat asymmetrical look.

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