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Acrylic Prints

    The result: 4,5/5 Stars / <q>Highly Recommended</q>

    Acrylic prints

    5.0 (14 reviews)
    • Solid 3,6 mm thick acrylic glass sheet

    • Over 50 sizes: from 20×20 cm to 150×100 cm

    • Also available as a photo collage

    • From £24,99

    Detailed image of an acrylic photo print of a couple on summer holiday
    The result: 4,5/5 Stars / <q>Highly Recommended</q>

    High print quality

    5.0 (14 reviews)

    Design an acrylic print of your favourite photos and you'll be impressed by the stunning depth effect.

    Favourite acrylic print sizes

    Design acrylic print

    Acrylic print in 30×20 cm

    from £29,99*
    Acrylic print with winter image

    Acrylic print in 60×40 cm

    from £64,99*
    Acrylic print with winter image

    Acrylic print in 90×60 cm

    from £149,99*

    Upload your photo here and explore more than 50 additional formats:

    Creative ideas for your acrylic prints

    Photo behind acrylic glass

    Photo collage as an acrylic print

    • A wide range of layouts for creative designs

    • Have your own photos printed directly onto onto high-quality acrylic glass

    • Design and order directly online

    Acrylic print with image of an elderly couple

    Creative ideas for your acrylic prints

    Discover our design options for mural ideas including funny comics, inspiring hanging concepts, and creative DIY tips for your home.

    Acrylic glass featuring artistic motifs

    High quality and waterproof acrylic print from artboxONE

    Explore the acrylic prints from artboxONE

    From breathtaking photography to stylish illustrations, floral designs and classic typography - artboxONE has the perfect motif for your acrylic glass picture. Discover the wide range now.

    Pixum tips for your acrylic glass pictures

    Photo gallery of different photographs on acrylic glass
    Design highlight

    Your photo printed on acrylic glass

    Design your own wall mural using your photos and add a personal touch to your interior design. Your photo on acrylic glass looks extremely elegant and enhances your motif with a radiant look through direct printing. The 3D depth effect brings out the vibrant colours of your image from every angle.

    The colour is directly applied to the 3.6 mm thick acrylic glass during the printing process. Acrylic is a remarkably stable, durable, and resilient material. Its texture resembles that of a wall picture made of real glass, giving it a refined and sophisticated appearance.

    Acrylic print with landscape image
    The ultimate elegant and versatile option

    Acrylic prints, a variety of options and possibilities

    The versatility of the photo on acrylic glass extends beyond being a decorative element in a room. The vibrant colors on the thick acrylic glass also make it an ideal option for a glass serving platter. Impress your guests by arranging delicious treats on a personalized serving platter and move them with style. The smooth surface of the acrylic glass makes it easy to wipe and clean.

    Furthermore, the photo on acrylic glass proves its practical utility in the kitchen. Use it as a kitchen splash guard to protect your walls from sauce splatters while adding your personal touch to the kitchen.

    Tip: A shared memory displayed on acrylic glass makes for a heartfelt and practical gift. Additionally, an acrylic photo display can make someone happy even in a small format.

    Acrylic print with image of a girl
    Quick & easy

    Design your own acrylic photo print now

    At Pixum, you can have your favourite moments printed on acrylic glass. Simply create your design effortlessly through our user-friendly online editor and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

    • Begin by uploading your favorite photo in the online editor.

    • Choose from a wide range of sizes for your image and select a suitable wall mount. You can also customise your motif further under the "Design product" option.

    • Enhance your creation by adding images to create collages with multiple photos and include your favorite quote. You can also explore various already existing layout templates and even adjust the background color.

    • Highlight your image by fine-tuning the brightness and contrast until you are satisfied.

    • Ready to proceed? Add the final design to your shopping basket and have your acrylic glass photo delivered directly to either yourself or to your loved ones.

    Large acrylic print with architecture images in an office

    Photos for companies

    For our business customers and professionals, we offer customised solutions such as bulk orders and bespoke designs along with expert advice to optimise the design of your workspaces.

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    Award-winning photo products

    Costumer reviews: Acrylic Glass Photo Prints

    5.0 (14 reviews)
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    Authenticity of our reviews

    “I ordered an acrylic print of our grandson for a Mother's Day present, and could not be happier with the result. It is absolutely beautiful; truly a work of art. Thank you, from a very happy customer.”

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    “Excellent service. Love the acrylic prints. Bought as present.”

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    “Excellent colours and print definition. Securely packaged and timely receipt.”

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    “Excellent print colours and definitions. Securely packaged and timely receipt.”

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    FAQ - Most common questions about Acrylic Prints

    Through direct printing, the colour is directly applied to the glass. The motif lies behind the acrylic glass resulting in a seamless integration. This technique enhances the 3D depth effect, creating a stunning and elegant visual impact.

    Get excited about the elegant effect of acrylic glass and upload your photo right away. The design options will inspire your creative vision!

    1. Choose between portrait and landscape format and the desired size

    2. Determine the printing process that suits your needs.

    3. Specify the type of wall mount suitable for your selected format.

    4. Upload your photo.

    5. Customize your photo by editing it and defining the layout options, such as creating a photo collage, adjusting the background colour, cropping, applying filters, and performing colour correction.

    If the size of the glass picture increases, so does the price. For example, a large format like 120×80 cm in direct print costs approximately £200. After ordering, your extraordinary wall art will be with you in just a few working days!

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    No installation needed - work on and save your projects directly online.

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    Pixum Photo World Software

    Extensive design options and creative freedom, even offline.

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    Design your products easily from anywhere, with modern layout templates.

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