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Wood print

    The result: 4,5/5 Stars / <q>Highly Recommended</q>

    Wood print

    • Polished birch panels with visible wood structure

    • 18 mm thick with integrated mounting kit

    • Broad variety of formats

    • From 29,99 €

    Detailed view of a wood print with a family photo
    The result: 4,5/5 Stars / <q>Highly Recommended</q>

    High-quality wood prints

    Print your favourite photo on our birch panel and utilise its natural charm.

    Wood prints: characteristics and advantages

    Wood print with a flower image

    High-quality wood prints

    Your photo printed on a wood panel delights with its natural look. It is printed in the highest quality:

    • High-quality, full-surface birch wood panel, incl. embdedded wall mount

    • UV-resistant direct print with a matt look

    • Visible structure of the wood is retained

    • Formats: 20×20 cm to 80×80 cm

    • Material thickness: 18 mm

    from 29,99 €*

    Pixum wood print with a spring image

    Create your individual wood print easily

    You can create your unique peace easily with the Pixum Photo World software or directly online:

    1. Choose the format for your wood print.

    2. Upload your images.

    3. Design your wall art individually.

    4. Finish your order.

    The wood print is recommended for monochrome photos and photos with strong contours. It is a great alternative to the canvas print or other photo prints. Also perfect as a personal gift!

    Pixum wood print with an image of a couple

    Wood print for your interior design

    Our wood print brings a natural note to every room. Thanks to its matt look the material is perfect for rooms with many windows and light sources and it fits many different styles of interior design. The unprinted edges revealing the layers of real wood turn the peace into a real eye catcher. The special wooden look can be combined especially well with modern white furniture in a Scandinavian style. Thanks to its low thickness of 18 mm the photo on birch wood looks elegant and adds a timeless yet modern feel to your home.

    Large acrylic print with architecture images in an office

    Photos for companies

    For designing office spaces, we offer invidual offers such as bulk orders and custom builds as well as competent consulting for business partners and professionals.

    A photo printed on wood has a natual look and a nice vintage feel.

    That alone makes wood prints the perfect medium for photos showing nature: it could be a great idea to turn your latest travel photos into wood prints to turn your memorie into something special. The wooden surface is also the perfect fit if you want to print an inspiring quote on a white background. Get inspired by our wall art tips and make it your own!

    Pixum prints your photos on high-quality birch wood (18mm thick). The surfaces are processed so that they feel smooth and clean. The unique wood grain and natural surface structure are preserved and remain visible also after your photo has been printed onto the panel.

    Additionally, the corners are slightly polished so that the product feels like an organic whole and the risk for injury is lowered.

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