To create your own backlit acrylic print you need:

  • 1x suitable photo - If you can't find one you like then take a loot at our professional photographers gallery
  • 1x Pixum acrylic print (Direktdruck), decide which size you want yourself.
  • 1x Christmas light chain. (Length of the light chain depends on your acrylic print size. In the above example we used a 25 cm long source for a 60 x 20 cm photo). The Christmas lights can be bought in most handyman shops or online.
  • Double sided tape (When not delivered together with the Christmas lights)


  1. Select the size of your acrylic print and upload a suitable photograph.
  2. Place the order for your acrylic print WITH the hanger system "screw system"
  3. Once you have received your acrylic print, screw the included wall mounting system through the holes in your photograph, but not yet onto the wall!
  4. Attach the Christmas lights on the backside of your print with the double sided tape. We left ours approximately 5 cm from each side of the photo. That way you avoid the light shining through bright on the sides of your photo.
  5. Hang the photo with the attached Christmas lights on the wall.
  6. Thats it! now sit back and enjoy the stunning result.

Tip: The acrylic print (direct print) is suitable for this art because photo is printed directly on the acrylic plate, but the wall hanger system we supply also gives your photo the necessary distance from the wall to fit a light chain.

We hope you enjoy getting creative!