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How to illuminate the acrylic glass print:

To backlight a Pixum Acrylic Print you will need LED light strips. Many light strips are available in different lengths and colours at any warehouse or order them online. The light source should be fixed behind the acrylic glass with double-sided adhesive tape in order to hang the picture up effortlessly. We recommend fixing the LED strip at 90-degrees angle to the print surface itself, so that one only sees the light rays and not the single bulbs.

This is what you need:

  • a Pixum Acrylic Print in any size
  • a multi-part light strip (the required length depends on the format of the Pixum Acrylic Print. In the example we used a four-part light strip with 25 cm each, with a print format of 60×20 cm). Also, the strip light is available at any warehouse or online.
  • double-sided adhesive tape

Step by step instructions:

  1. design your Pixum Acrylic Photo Print by selecting the desired format and uploading your picture
  2. add one of the available wall mount sets
  3. once you have received your Pixum Acrylic Photo Print, screw the provided wall brackets into the product holes. Don't hang it up yet!
  4. stick the light strips to the back of the print, preferably in the middle between the wall brackets. Our example is a panoramic format, therefore we have fixed two 25 cm long light strips on the long sides of the photo print between the wall brackets.
  5. Now you can hang the Pixum Acrylic Photo Print together with the light strips up.

Look at me, look at me!

The Pixum Acrylic Photo Print makes photos want to be seen. Your acrylic glass photo will have an incredible depth effect and colour brilliance. Enhance the beauty of the product by indirectly backlighting the premium print.

Since the wall decoration draws all attention to itself, you should choose a suitable place in your home. For example, you can use the indirect light source to lighten up dark areas in every room.

How to create the perfect scene:

  1. create a photo gallery on your wall with pictures in different sizes and frames. Explore Wood prints, Canvas prints and Aluminium prints options at Pixum. Your new favourite picture will be ordered as a Pixum Acrylic Print and equipped with lighting. Let the new Pixum print stand out and still be part of a beautiful photo gallery
  2. a dark hallway or room is pleasantly brightened if a beautiful photo print with indirect lighting is installed
  3. in the kitchen an acrylic print in landscape format with indirect lighting can be placed as a back splash behind the stove or the sink. Easily combine the decorative with practical elements, because the Pixum Acrylic Print is 100% waterproof
  4. Create a unique and personal night light in every children's room with a backlit Pixum Acrylic Print

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