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Inserting text into your wall art: Step by step

To insert a text field, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your wall art project in the Pixum photo world software.
  2. Click on the "New Text" button in the toolbar at the top of the "Text" area, or press Alt + T. Your mouse pointer will change to a cross.
  3. Drag the text box out until it reaches the desired size. To do this, click in the editor where you want it to start, hold down the Mapping key and then drag the text box out.
  4. Insert your desired text. You can edit it later on if you wish.

Editing the text in your wall art

The Pixum Photo World software gives you numerous ways to customise your text to suit the desired layout. For example, you can add a new colour to your text field or let it appear in a different font and size. Other options that are available to you include:

  • other background colours
  • coloured letters
  • highlights (bold, italic, underlined)
  • left or right alignment, centring, block set
  • variable internal spacing

You can access these options by clicking on the field with the three dots below the font selection, then by clicking on the wrench icon.

Create statements by yourself

Why texts on Wall Art? Instead of printing just your photos on canvas, an additional text can give the Wall Art even more dramatic, funny or emotional meaning.

A text can even become a real statement for your life if you formulate it by yourself or use a quote that is of certain significance to you.

You can add a text to an image or even just print the text on the blank material.

  • Statements of any kind: A funny saying, a quotation or a motto for life is especially good if it stands alone or with a suitable motif.
  • Year numbers: If you create a family photo, then insert the birth dates or the current year. On a romantic couple's motive the wedding or getting to know date is also suitable.
  • Descriptions: Add a small description to your Wall Art piece - this can be a title or the the name of the designer.

Artboxone shows you how unique and stylish a text on your Wall Art piece can be. Here you can find cool murals, fashion and more which are designed by talented artists in different styles.

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    Our Wall Art Tips explain how you can further design your piece and make a unique artwork with your favourite photos.

    If you design the canvas with the Pixum Photo World Software, you can also add texts, cliparts and filters to your liking.

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