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Product Details

The sturdy Hard-Case is a light weight, but durable cover for your smartphone. Easily attach it to your device with just a simple click.

  • customize even further, by selecting from white, black or transparant as its base colour
  • scratch proof colour print, with your very own photo
  • with a classy matte look

An affordable way to express yourself creatively. The Pixum smartphone Hard-Case

Every smartphone should have a case or cover to protect it from bumps and scratches. There is such a large amount of products to choose from, but it's still difficult to find the case that suits your taste perfectly. That's why it's so great when you can customize that which you use so often. Just because something is practical, doesn't mean it can't also be beautiful.

The Hard-Case - The classic smartphone case

The Hard-Case is one of the first variants of smartphone covers, made specifically to protect your phone. The sturdy material of the Pixum Hard-Case protects your device from scratches and bumps, ensuring a long lifetime for your smartphone.

The Pixum Hard-Case for your smartphone is:

  • Slim, so it does not change the shape of your device
  • Sturdy and shock lessening
  • Easily attachable with a simple click
  • Available in three base colours: white, black and transparant

Life motto or your favourite photo, everything in your own style

Use the Pixum Hard-Case for your smartphone, to express yourself. Give a new look to your phone. Pixum gives you the opportunity to showcase your taste to the world on a smartphone case: the picture that you always carry with you. Pick a design or photo of your choice. Your custom accessory.

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