Pixum smartphone case for your Samsung smartphone

At Pixum you will find the perfect cover for your Samsung mobile unit. Choose among different types of covers, the one that suits you the best.

Pixum offers smartphone covers for the following Samsung mobile units

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Design your individual Pixum smartphone case

Design Pixum smartphone cases for Samsung cell phones

Among the Android cell phones Samsung is one of the most popular manufactorers. The Samsung S7 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 has convinced a lot of users. At Pixum You'll find a suitable smartphone case to every Samsung smartphones you got, and best of all, you can design it yourself.

Choose among 7 smartphone case types:

Pixum offers seven sieben different mobile cases, each with it own features. According to which Samsung cell phone you got, maybe not all types will be available. You'll see what case type you can get after choosing the model.

These are the available types of Pixum smartphone cases:
  • Premium case
  • Side-flip case
  • Hard-case
  • Silicone case
  • Down-flip case
  • Tough case
  • Sleeve case

Your Samsung mobile will be well protected from external effects with a case from Pixum. In addition, it gives your smartphone a personal touch. You can be sure that the mobile phone case with your individual photo is unique.

Your favorite picture on the Pixum mobile phone case

The Pixum mobile phone case for Samsung mobile phones is finished in a few minutes. A self-made photo from the mobile phone or another camera is uploaded into the online editor. You can then edit the picture so that your ideas are fully implemented.

You have a few possibilities for photo editing. These include pruning, turning, sharpening and changing depths, convert to sepia, and more. A personal text or a collage with a matching background can also be printed on a Pixum mobile phone case..