Custom Phone Cases  with Photo Collage
Custom Phone Cases
with Photo Collage

Why only choose one image? Use several of your best snaps and make a photo collage to be printed on your new personalised phone case!

Get creative

Inspiration for your new Personalised Phone Case

Moments From Your Recent Holidays

Capture all your favourite holiday memories with your family and friends on your new phone case. Place the best image in the centre of the collage and the snaps of details on the edges of the case to re-create that happy atmosphere. Choose our premium case to get the edges printed, too!

Favourite Couple Photos

Make your new phone case both protective and beautiful and choose your favourite romantic photos together. Go for our silicone case for an extra tight grip and a non-slippery surface. A lovely gift for newly-weds or to celebrate your anniversary.

Your New Custom Phone Case With a Photo Collage: Step by step

In the Pixum online editor, you will find the essential tools to create a wonderful collage. The creation is very simple and can be done quickly:

  1. Load the Pixum online editor.
  2. Select your phone model and desired phone case type.
  3. Upload the images for the photo collage.
  4. Select a layout (left side of the editor) and pick one with the desired number of images.
  5. Drag your photos onto the empty photo frames and choose the best position.
  6. Optionally, you can edit the photos, add a lovely message or a matching background colour to your draft.
  7. Happy with the result? Just add your design to the shopping basket and order the your new phone case to receive the parcel in only a few days.

Tip: Feel free to edit each single photo in the photo collage (left side of the editor, "edit"): rotate, zoom and crop the images. On top of that, you can adjust the brightness and the contrast.

With the blur option, you can turn your own image to a background photo and manually add new photo frames (again, left side of the editor, the option "+ add an empty image area") and make a completely unique photo collage. Try out how your pictures look the best, there is no wrong or right. Check our inspiration section for further tips.

Pixum tip

Create a customer account before you start! This makes it easier to create and edit your phone case. Your draft will be saved in your account and you can get back to the creative process after a short tea break. You can also design and save multiple versions to choose from.

Go Get Creative

Already got an idea of what you want for your new mobile case? Pick the matching case type and get creative!

Looking for more creative ideas?

Imagine The Possibilities

Explore your creativity by checking out our inspiration and idea section. Our Pixum smartphone cases can be designed according to your wishes with any images.

We Are Here To Help!

If you have any questions about our products, please visit our service pages or contact our customer service.

Steal The Limelight With Your New Personalised Phone Cover

The special thing about a photo collage is that it has the power to tell a story. Try using images that have a common theme or similar colours. Use your phone case to carry the moments you are proud of with you or create a design to help someone you love (or yourself) get through a difficult time. Nowadays, a phone case is something that we use and see all day long. Use the opportunity to custom design your new accessory. Personalise it with photos, background colours you love and add an inspiring quote to make it a true eye-catcher.

Your draft is as unique as you are: you can create a colourful photo mix or limit yourself to the same snap repeated in colour, sepia and black-and-white. You decide for yourself what your perfect phone cover looks like!

Collage Theme Ideas

  • Family Photos: You can gather all important family members on the case. Pick the funniest, sweetest or coolest snaps to show how unique you are.
  • Splash of Colour: You can arrange your photos into a mosaic sorted by colour. Either use only photos with one main colour (e.g., turn them into sepia or gamma correct and leave only blue tones) or group different pictures to a few colour areas (e.g., vivid summer shots on the left and relaxed winter snaps on the right)
  • Your Work Phone: Got a work phone that looks boring? Design a phone case with the company logos from different times in the past or add snaps from your recent trade fair.
  • Holiday Fun: Shots from recent holidays are perfect for a passionate traveller. Personalise your phone cover with your own snaps of the landmarks or interesting insider details.
  • Food Theme: Did someone just say "chocolate"? Personalise your phone case with your favourite cocktails or granny's legendary lemon tart. Happiness guaranteed!
  • Bucket List for the New Year: A bucket list does not always need a pen and a sheet of paper. Get creative and make a photo collage to visualise your new year's resolutions or the bucket list for the next year of travelling. There are no limits to your creativity!
Well, you simply can pick any theme for your photo collage. Note: the more snaps you select, the smaller the photos become on the printed phone case. We, therefore, recommend picking a few snaps that truly match the idea. Another option would be, you just get yourself several phone cases!

Small Gift With Great Impact

A custom mobile phone cover designed with a photo collage is a wonderful unique gift for everyone in your life. It is not only an eye-catcher, but it is also very practical as it protects the phone from scratches and damage.

Can't wait to create a high-quality present for any occasion, but don't know exactly which of the photos will look best when printed? Find more inspiring ideas here. Check how lovely beautiful portraits as well as simple everyday objects might look like as a photo collage printed on your new phone case !

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