You'll need:

  • 2 Photo prints
  • Patterned craft paper
  • Nylon string
  • A cylindrical object (such as a glass or tumbler) for tracing around
  • Handicraft utensils (scissors, glue, pencil)

How it's done:

  1. Place your photo prints face down on a smooth surface and place the glass on top of the photo print.
  2. Trace along the outside of the glass, leaving an outline to be cut out later. Repeat this step with each of your photo prints. You will then need to draw two circles on the craft paper.
  3. You can now cut along the lines you have drawn on the photo print and craft paper, leaving you with two circular photo prints and two circles of craft paper.
  4. Fold the circular cut outs in half inwardly.
  5. Then, glue the nylon thread along to the rear of the photo along the fold.
  6. You then glue the photo print and the craft paper to the back of each other so that they form a circular chain.
  7. As soon as the glue is dried you can tie a knot in the top of the thread and hang your new decoration on your Christmas tree. You're done!

We hope you enjoy getting creative!