How to light it all up

  • At least one image
  • Photo stickers (available in sheets of 4 measuring 8x6cm, 8 measuring 6x4cm, 16 measuring 4x3 cm)
  • Glass candle holders
  • Tea lights

How it's done:

  1. Choose suitable Easter pictures for your candles. Whether it's a picture of one of your kids smiling, or pictures from last year's Easter Egg hunt, Easter eggs, making your candles truly eye-catching.
  2. Simply stick the photo to the candle in the correct place. Use one photo sticker per tea light, so that your photo sticker is visible by candlelight.
  3. If you're using small glass candle holders, order photo stickers (16 photos). At around 4x3cm they are about as big as a passport photo and are ideal for creating your own, unique Easter decoration. If you have large candle holders, you may consider using bigger photo stickers.

Why not use the candles as a name plate for your Easter dining table? Simply place a candle with a photo of the person in question at each of the places you intend them to have at dinner. That way, they not only know where to sit, they can also take it with them as a gift.

We hope you enjoy getting creative!