Create a special springtime treat for your loved ones with lovingly designed photo gifts.

Pixum Photo Book - An unforgettable gift

Plenty of space for spring-feelings: Our landscape photo books

Plenty of space for spring-feelings: Our landscape photo books

The Pixum Photo Book in landscape format is ideal for panoramic photos of outings with friends and family.

from £11.95

How To Photo Book Videos

Never made a photo book before? Or you would just love to get some new ideas on how to improve your Pixum Photo Book even more? Then have a look at our instructive videos on how to make Pixum Photo Books in our software.

Embossed Foil Finish

Give your Pixum Photo Book that little extra finish to make it shine. Easy with some gold, silver or colourful embossed foil finish on the hardback. Available from £5.00 in the Pixum Photo World software for desktop.

Pixum Wall Art - One picture to say it all

The Photo Canvas - A work of art

The Photo Canvas - A work of art

Print your photo on high-quality mixed linen fabric to give it that artistic touch.

from £19.99

Brilliant Photo Posters

Capture your most beautiful spring moment on a photo poster. Available from £2.99.

True colours & great depth effect

Let the colours of your photos glow from within with an acrylic print. Available from £24.99.

A collage of memories

Design your own picture wall gallery with our Pixum Squares. Thanks to their magnetic mount, it's never been easier. Available from £22.99.

Pixum Phone Case - Carry your memories with you

The companion for springtime

The companion for springtime

The side-flip case will impress you with its high-quality faux leather. Catch the first rays of sunlight with your phone and on your phone case.

from £34.99

Photo Gifts - Spring moments in an enchanting variety

Photo Mugs to wake you up in the morning

Photo Mugs to wake you up in the morning

Improve your mornings with a custom designed photo mug and start the day with a smile.

from £11.99

Easter bunny for cuddling

Surprise your little ones with a soft and cuddly bunny for Easter.
Available from £19.99.

Cosy Photo Cushion

Decorate your home with cosy photo cushions and pillow cases from £17.99.

Photo memory game for the whole family

Heading out for your first picnic in the park? Don't forget to bring along some personalised fun for big and small from £16.99.

Jigsaw puzzles for big and small

Personalize your very own photo jigsaw. It's not only great fun for the little ones, but for parents and grandparents alike. Available from £14.99.

Photo Prints - Every snap a memory in time

Photo Strips

Photo Strips

With each photo strip, you can capture your favourite memories of the beginning of the year.

a set of 10 from £9.99

Greeting Cards - Some bright, sunny greetings

Say hello

Say hello

Design your very own greeting cards this spring. Be it for your upcoming wedding, your garden party or any other occasion that calls for personalized cards.

a set of 10 from £15.99

Design photo gifts on our free app

Make amazing photo gifts from the comfort of your sofa. Use our free & fun mobile app to save time. Available for iOS and Android.

We wish you a bright and happy Easter!

We wish you a bright and happy Easter!