Jigsaw puzzle boards: A great way to frame pictures

You know how much fun jigsaw puzzles can be - they provide hours of fun and entertainment. Now you can have your own pictures on the jigsaw puzzle boards!

There's something about the challenge of jigsaw puzzle boards that you just can't resist. Countless pieces of every size, shape and curve imaginable. It's like a Seurat painting when you're so close you can only see points. You sit around a big table with family and friends, working together to find the missing pieces and fit them together. As you progress, the big image slowly comes into view until you finally put in that last piece and relish the satisfaction of having tackled a daunting challenge. Photo jigsaw puzzles are a great way to set the mood and have a personal theme to solve together.

Photo gifts are the ideal way to give something with a very personal touch, and these personalised jigsaw puzzle boards guaranteed to please. Like each piece contained therein, the puzzle itself is a unique piece - featuring your very own pictures. What better way to frame a family portrait, capture that holiday snapshot, or celebrate a special event like anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and weddings? Our jigsaw puzzle boards are the perfect present for everyone - even those who are perennially hard to buy for. The puzzles come in various sizes and difficulty levels, which makes them perfect for children, teenagers and adults alike.

Make your memories the real focus of concentration with one of our jigsaw puzzle boards. For fun and entertainment that can be had over and over, these just can't be beaten. You'll surely find that everyone will want a literal piece of the action!

Pixum prints all your photo puzzles on high-quality premium photo paper and cardboard!

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