Make a unique kids lunch box featuring your pictures

You can surely still remember lunch time at school: your friends' lunches always looked better than what you had that day. Fortunately, times have changed. There's no longer a need to tote drab, boring lunch boxes along with you. Now you can personalise your lunch box with your favourite photograph. Surprise your children with a brand new kids lunch box for the new school year. They'll have a special meal each break when they see the memories printed on the top of their lunch box. These are great ways to show your little ones just how much you really care and think about them each and every day. In any case, they're sure to have the most individual kids lunch box in the entire school.

These personalised gifts can function as much more than a kids lunch box, however. They can also be used to store school supplies, art project pieces or jewellery. You don't have to be in kindergarten to appreciate customised photo gifts like these. It's a great idea to both prominently display your memories as well as serve a practical purpose on a daily basis.

Sort through your pictures and find your favourites. Whether it's a picture from the Halloween party or a holiday snapshot from the summer, it is sure to look great on your kids lunch box. They say half of how you perceive food to taste stems from its presentation. Give your kids an extra special treat today. Of course, it may just end up on an adult's lunch box as well!

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