Bookmark for your Photo Book
Bookmark for your Photo Book

Create a bookmark for your very own Pixum Photo Book with these creative ideas and your own photos.

Create your own bookmark for your Photo Book

In your self-designed Photo Book you create your own story. What could be more suiting than to give a self-made bookmark together with the book - perhaps even designed with your own personal photos? Whether it's for Christmas or a birthday, a personalised bookmark is a great gift for any occasion.

Why a bookmark for your Photo Book?

Lesezeichen für ein Kochbuch

There are several reasons to create a fitting bookmark for your Photo Book:

  • Some Photo Books contain long texts in addition to the photos, for example if you include poems or small stories on the pages. A bookmark can be very helpful so that the recipient knows where to continue reading next time.
  • A bookmark can also help with very long Photo Books that you might not look through completely in one sitting. This way, the presentee never forgets which photos of his gift he has already looked at.
  • Furthermore, a self-designed bookmark does not necessarily have to be used only for the Photo Book. Instead, it is a personal gift that can be used for any other book as well.

DIY ideas for a personal bookmark

Tailor your bookmark to the theme of the Photo Book. Think about the person you want to give the book to and refer to their preferences and tastes.

Coloured paper bookmarks

You can make the most beautiful things out of simple coloured paper! With the help of origami instructions, you can fold little animals that you can use as bookmarks for a Photo Book of your pet or a visit to the zoo.

You can also make flowers and plants out of paper. You want to make a Photo Book about the magnificent nature around you or your carefully tended garden? With a small bookmark in the shape of a flower or plant, you have the perfect accessory!

Creative corners in the book

You can also use paper to make small angular shapes that can be placed over a corner of your Photo Book and decorat it with beautiful sayings or photos. The lines of text can be thematically appropriate quotes from your family or friends. However, small four-line inspirational poems or congratulatory messages enclosed with the photo gift also work just as well.

Personalised friendship bracelet

Do you remember the traditions of a friendship bracelet? Such a self-braided ribbon is not only suitable as jewellery, but can also serve as an excellent bookmark. Simply braid the ribbon a little wider and attach it to the book.

Customised photo prints

If you want to give a Photo Book of your little rascal to friends and family, take two or three pictures, make them into small format Photo Prints and stick them onto a strip of coloured paper, which you tie with a cord or bow at the top. This way you create a matching bookmark for the photo album. The viewer will be enchanted by both your little one and the cute idea of the bookmark.

Staple as a bookmark

You want your loved one to have a photo album with the best moments and pictures of your relationship? Bend a colourful staple so that it forms a heart that you can clip onto the edge of a page. Alternatively, you can attach buttons, cords or fabric to it.

Magnetic bookmarks

Magnetic bookmarks are very popular and of high quality. Cut two strips of magnetic tape and stick them to the material of your choice with double-sided adhesive tape. This can be paper, leather or a personal photo of your loved ones. The photo is then folded in the middle.

Pixum Photo Strips as bookmarks

If you don't feel like crafting, but are still looking for beautiful, individual bookmarks for your (Photo) Books, we recommend the Photo Strips. They're a charming and a unique way to spice up your reading.

Customise Photo Strips

Create ten different motifs - for yourself or as a small, loving gift for friends and family. This way you can create pleasant memories of beautiful or funny moments and always put a smile on the face of you and your loved ones. After all, it's the little things that count!

Design Photo Strips now

Create a Photo Strip now and use it as a personal bookmark!

Pixum Photo Book ideas

Here we offered a few ideas for creative bookmarks and Photo Book designs. If you're looking for more ideas for your Photo Book, take a look at the Pixum Photo Book ideas.

Creative ideas for your Pixum Photo Book

Check the Pixum Photo Book ideas to not only learn what a great photo book can be for different occations - you will also find lots of inspiration for your individual photo book.

Inspiration from other happy customers

Discover high-quality photo books and get inspired by our customer examples gallery filled with amazing artwork from our creative Pixum customers!

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