As unique as your sweet toddler

From pennant chains to the first self-painted pictures: capture those unique moments in a Pixum Baby Album.

Customisable Pixum Baby Album

From the very first minute one would like to keep every single moment spent with the newborn. We keep all these impressions and memories as photographs, greetings cards from the family and friends, the newspaper headlines from the day of birth, the birth wristband, the first curl or ultrasound images... Here are some ideas on how to keep your baby's first steps in a Pixum Photo Album.

New: The Pixum Baby Board Book for only £24.95

Make your very own Pixum Baby Board Book and teach your little one the alphabet, animal names, your family's faces and much more. With the spiral-bound board book, you can design 22 pages individually. The corners are rounded for baby's safety.

A memory book of a great value

A photo album offers more than just a plenty of space for large and small snaps. It can be individually designed and has room for all kinds of reminiscence. Choose the format that's best for you. When choosing the cover, please consider if you want to glue in some memorabilia that are not quite flat - the softcover with glue binding is a great choice because it is made of flexible cardboard.

Design ideas for your baby photo album

Keep everything you enjoy to look back at the first months of your child's life and use the memorabilia to decorate your Pixum Photo Book.

Leave some space on the pages for your spontaneous ideas:

  • a self-made pennant chain
  • a tiny baby sock
  • paintings by siblings
  • notes of a nursery rhyme your baby adores

Insert a calendar sheet where you mark when the baby slept through for the first time, when it had its first porridge, or when your newborn reached for your finger for the first time.

Creative photo books on every occasion

A photo book about the pregnancy experience or a cookbook - let our ideas inspire you!

Photo book tips & tricks

Get to know the various options for your photo book and get some creative input for your design process!

A great choice on design tools

With the free photo book software from Pixum you have many additional design possibilities for a beautiful baby photo book at your disposal. Small illustrations, the so-called cliparts - such as a funny sun or a comic-style rattle - offer theme-related surroundings for the most beautiful family moments. A frame in the favourite colour will also highlight a photo. Play with shapes, sizes and text to tell your story. You can choose the font and font colour to accentuate the theme of the album. Specify how an empty page can be used in the headings - for example: "Your first footprint". You can also scan an image and add it to the photo album afterwards.

Take your time while designing your Pixum Photo Book. The draft will be saved on your computer so tha you can continue any time you want until it exactly meets your expectations.

The advantages of Pixum Photo Book at a glance:

  • a great selection of format, cover and binding
  • fully customisable with room for memorabilia to stick in
  • a great choice of topic-related cliparts for page design
  • possibility to adjust fon, size and colour of your text
  • various image frames

The alphabet book made with love

What's next? Make a personalised alphabet book with familiar objects or even photos of family members to support the pre-school experience! Get started with the simple tricks we have for you.

Highlight your photo projects

Ready for an elegant sheen? Get to know our new option for your greeting cards and photo books - gold, silver or glossy highlights. Add that luxurious touch to your photo products.

Painting & scrapbooking: Give your creativity free rein

There is, of course, the alternative of classical photo albums with added photo prints. That, however, might also mean a lot of work which is not what a mum-to-be always have! Wonder weeks are the most intensive time. It is much easier to design is a Pixum Photo Book with all the photos you've got and let us print it for you. With just a few simple steps and the fantastic design possibilities of the Pixum Photo World software, you will get a professionally looking and modern baby book true to your taste.

It's a boy!

A photo album for boys does not have to be in blue and come up with knights, football themes or fire fighters. With Pixum, you get a plenty of other options to design your new baby album.

How about a collection of your son's favourite things? This could be his favourite toy or food, his most loved soft toy or TV hero. Take pictures of your child during his favourite activity- this collection of great snaps might be worth a single photo book!

You could also add encouraging messages or quotations to your photo albums as well as unusual graphics, frames and other design elements to make the album even more vivid. Choose his favourite colour for the background or use similarly coloured cliparts or frames throughout the book.

No clichés and simply magical: Photo albums for girls

You might find many ready-made baby albums on the market to capture the most enchanting memories of the first months of your daughter's life. But they all have one thing in common: gaudy baby pink and glitter. Not every parent and not every little girl loves this "pink princess glitter dream". We are rather looking for a photo book far away from any clichés or simply one that suits the daughter and the family. Here at Pixum, you can create a photo book fully designed by you. No compromises!

Here are some ideas to keep the harmony of your artwork:

  • start a new page for the next important milestones in your child's development, each with a photo of it (e.g. the first smile, the first steps or the first breakfast porridge).
  • glue in small souvenirs afterwards, for example a tiny curl from the first haircut or the first painting (on the living room wall).
  • comment on each recorded event in the book, each from the perspective of mum and dad. This will be a unique parenting encyclopedia for your child in the future.
  • make a foot and handprint of your daughter every month and add it to your baby photo album.

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