Book templates with added artist design
Book templates with added artist design

Meet our free photo book templates with added design! Simply download a template, open it in the Pixum Photo World software on your desktop computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) and fill it in with your own photos.

Free photo book layouts with added artist design from artboxONE

Looking forward to your next inspiring Pixum Photo Book embellished with a modern design? Discover the new book templates we have created for you with added artboxONE pictures.

  • highlight your photos with modern typography designs and illustrations made by our artboxONE artists
  • customize the photo book template to your own project: you can manually adjust every page of the template to fit your idea
  • need some additional pages? Just copy & paste the favourite layouts onto the newly added empty pages
  • each template has been created for a specific book format (square, landscape or portrait) - you can choose a smaller or larger size directly in the software

How to use a book template?

  • download a template by clicking on "get the template" - the template will automatically be saved on your computer.
  • unpack the .zip file by right-clicking on it and choosing the corresponding option. We recommend creating a separate directory or a folder for extracting the template.
  • now run the Pixum Photo World software and open the template by clicking on "Open" > "Open another project" in the upper toolbar. Click the corresponding file with the blue Pixum logo to load the template

There might appear an error message in the software when you start loading the template. Simply confirm you want to proceed by clicking on "OK" and it's ready for your own design!

Pixum tip

Adding your photos & text:
When you open the template in the software, you will see the blue areas (marking the spots for your images) as well as text areas. Simply drag your photos onto these blue areas, and your own design will appear there automatically. Some text areas can be changed by just clicking on them, while other texts are part of the layout and cannot be adjusted. You can still delete them if don't really fit in your artwork.

Photo Books for the Family

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Templates with a Timeless Design

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School Yearbook

Yearbook / Square

Colourful yearbook template for school children:

  • space for this year highlights
  • separate pages (spread) for each student and the teacher
  • copy, move or delete single pages to your liking

Our School Years / landscape

Minimalist yearbook template for students:

  • space for the all-time highlights
  • separate pages (spread) for each student and the teacher
  • copy, move or delete single pages to your liking