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Top 5 tips for a perfect page background

There is a great variety of creative options when it comes to the backgrounds in your photo book. Besides the unicolour backgrounds, the Pixum Photo World software offers free professionally created design templates, patterns and much more. You can even use your own pictures as backgrounds! Continue reading to find out what to consider when choosing the perfect background and how to highlight your most beautiful images.

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Find the ideal background for your personal photo book!

Create your Pixum Photo Book according to your own ideas and adjust the background individually to the mood or motto of your photos!

1. The more formal the theme, the simpler the background

For photo books that focus on artworks and, for example, show abstract paintings or photographs, discrete backgrounds are often more suitable: this makes it simple to keep the viewer's attention on the printed images. Business portfolios also appear particularly noble with plain, monochrome background.

The more casual the design, the more eye-catching the backgrounds can be: for example for photo books telling a holiday story or for an album on an informal, personal occasion. It never hurts to experiment with unconventional designs - sometimes it is the contrast between background and foreground that makes a photo book interesting.

2. Emphasis on the foreground

To create an interesting connection between background and foreground, you could arrange your photos on some pages according to their colour mood and underlay the pages with matching background colours: for example, green colours for landscape shots, blue for images of the sea or sky and a grey tone for black-and-white photos.

If there are already many photos on one page, simple backgrounds will work best: this way the images have enough space to impress the viewer. In return: The more of the background can be seen, the more eye-catching and colourful it can be.

3. A wide selection in the backrounds gallery

In the Pixum Photo World software, you will find a wide range of different - simple or eye-catching - backgrounds in the section "Backgrounds". You can limit the selection to certain categories in the Dropdown menu and for example, only patterns and designs for wedding, vacation or Christmas fade in. To try a certain background, simply drag and drop it onto the corresponding page in the photo book by Drag & Drop.

4. Use your own images

You can, of course, also use your own photos as backgrounds. For example, work with your landscape shots or images of nature patterns from the last holiday. There are several ways to set up your images for use as background.

The Photo Show offers the easiest way to it. Simply double click on the chosen image (or right click > Edit) to start the Photo Show. You will find the filter "Background" in the category Adjustments and apply it to the image. The photo will be lightened a bit and blurred slightly so that it becomes a discreet, varied background for the photos in the foreground.

Another way to create an unusual background is to use stylisation or distortion effects: Try out the filter "spray effect" or "oil painting".

5. Other customers' examples for more inspiration

For more inspiration find a lot of very different photo-book projects among thepbulished customer examplesand of course pay special attention to the backgrounds.

You may find some ideas for your own photo book in one of the projects. Unwind your creativity - some designs become interesting only thanks to unconventional or seemingly unsuitable ideas.

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