Discover the Pixum Photo Book
Discover the Pixum Photo Book

Get creative with the Pixum Photo Book and find great design ideas!

What types of paper are available for the Pixum Photo Book?

You can choose from up to five different paper types for your Pixum Photo Book per by book size. The basic decision you have to make is:

  • Do you want a classic bookbinding with fold? Then select the premium paper. This is available in glossy, matt and extra matt.
  • Do you prefer the Layflat or Leporello binding, where each double page of your book lies flat so that your motif is completely visible? In this case, choose our photo paper in matt, extra matt or glossy. Please kindly note: Layflat binding is currently unavailable, but is coming back soon!

We would like to help you with the following video and text to get an overview of the variety of Pixum Photos.

Discover the great selection on photo book sizes at Pixum

Pixum Photo Book in a landscape size is perfect for your panoramic shots & especially suitable for events like weddings.
A book in a portrait size is the traditional layout for your photos & looks perfect on the shelf in your private library.
A square photo book is ideal for all square pictures (Instagram format) and is generally great for making photo collages.

The paper types for the Pixum Photo Book in a nutshell:

We have summarised the most important properties of the various papers for your photo book here. For further information, you can also have a look at our page on our various paper types, which also displays the photo book options available with the desired paper.

Pixum Photo Book on matt premium paper

The printing process gives your images a particularly matt appearance, which makes browsing through your Pixum Photo Book a true experience.

  • High-quality digital printing paper
  • Very high UV resistance
  • Particularly durable and resistant
  • Light insensitive and reflection free
  • Does not leave fingerprints
  • Weight: 200g/m²
  • Available in 9 different formats
  • Further information on the premium paper matt »

Due to its relative insensitivity to light, the premium paper is particularly suitable for photo books that are often used and viewed. These include, for example, cookbooks, children's books, and presentation books.

FSC® certified photo paper for your Pixum photo book

Sustainability is important to us. By using FSC certified materials for our Pixum photo books, we want to do our part in the responsible handling of resources.

Pixum Photo Book on extra matt premium paper

With the extra matt premium paper you get a photo book paper with a special matt lacquer.

The Pixum Photo Book on premium paper extra matt is particularly suitable for presentations and artistically designed books. Ideally suited for special events that you would like to give a very special setting to.

Pixum Photo Book on glossy premium paper

Your photo book is produced on high-quality premium paper and then coated with a special finishing layer. This high-gloss coating gives the paper a luxurious look. The colours get a fine shine - for the most special occasions.

  • High-quality digital printing paper
  • Extremely tear-resistant
  • Not sensitive to moisture and dirt
  • Exclusively for Pixum Photo Books with hardcover cover
  • Weight: 200g/m²
  • Available in 5 different formats
  • Further information on premium paper glossy »

The glossy finish is particularly suitable for photo books that are to be presented openly, for example, presentation books, as menu cards in restaurants or as a stylish gift. " 2. Photo papers for the photo book "

Pixum Photo Book on glossy photo paper

Currently not available for order. Stay tuned!

The pictures in your photo book will look the way you're used to with glossy photo prints. The Pixum Photo Book with glossy photo paper is printed on ultra brilliant photo paper and is available with our ultra-flat Layflat binding. Makes an ideal gift for your loved ones!

  • Highest colour brilliance and luminosity
  • High definition and exceptional depth
  • Super flat Layflat/Leporello binding
  • Exclusively for Pixum Photo Books with hardcover
  • Weight: 360 g/m2
  • Available in 5 different formats
  • Further information about glossy photo paper »

Glossy photo paper creates a truly special look. Due to its brilliant colours and practical layflat binding, the paper is particularly suitable for panoramic photos and is the preferred choice of photographers who place particular importance on the colour quality of their pictures. Ideal for landscape pictures or holiday photos.

With the Layflat binding your photo book pages are folded so that your Pixum Photo Book can be opened flat and all image details remain visible in the middle of the book - perfect for double-sided images such as panorama photos.

Pixum Photo Books on matt photo paper

Currently not available for order. Stay tuned!

The printing on the satin-matt photo paper gives your pictures a refined look and highest colour brilliance. Due to its special processing, the photographic paper is very true-to-life and brilliant in its colour reproduction.

  • True to life reproduction of colours
  • Ultra flat layflat binding
  • No fingerprints
  • Exclusively for Pixum Photo Books with hardcover
  • Weight: 360/m²
  • Available in 5 different formats
  • More information about matt photo paper »

Ideal as an exclusive gift or for documenting big moments. The Pixum Photo Book on matt photo paper is automatically supplied with an ultra-flat Leporello binding. Ideal if you have a lot of photos in landscape format and want to spread them over a double page. » 3. How to choose the right paper for your Pixum Photo Book »

How to choose the right paper for your Pixum Photo Book

In order to perfectly adapt your photo book to the desired occasion, Pixum offers you five different types of paper. But which type of paper is suitable for which purpose? This overview sheds a little light on the dark.

Overview of the Pixum paper types

BPixum offers the following paper types

Paper type Quality Suited for
Photo paper matt
  • satin-like appereance
  • 360 g/m²
  • robust, durable surface
frequently used photo books, photos in bright colours, ideal for gifts, weddings, landscapes and anniversaries
Photo paper glossy
  • elegant shiny surface
  • true, brilliant colours
  • stable paper
  • 360 g/m²
for professional photographers, especially detailed reproduction of the natural colours of your photos, ideal for travel photos, macro photos and wedding photos
Premium paper matt
  • very durable and stable
  • matt surface
  • high light resistance
  • long lasting paper quality
  • 200 g/m²
Photo books for frequent usage, for landscapes and wedding photos
Premium paper glossy
  • special finishing coating
  • high-grade gloss
  • 200 g/m²
  • high tearing strength
Open presentation of the photo book (e.g. gastronomy, in companies), also for high-quality detailed photos or holiday pictures
Premium paper extra matt
  • 170 g/m²
  • Matt-varnish finishing
for artistic and architectural pictures, perfect for black and white pictures

How to choose the right paper

First of all, the paper type is a matter of pure taste. It depends in particular on the nature of your photos. For expressive black-and-white photos, for example, you are very well served with a luxurious matt or extra matt surface. It is better to display your holiday photo prints on high-gloss paper. You should also consider the purpose of the book in your decision. Matte paper types are durable and ideal when the photo book passes through several hands. High-gloss versions are suitable for albums that are not subject to a lot of wear and tear.

Also keep in mind that the choice of paper can affect the types of covers available. For example, photo books based on photo paper are only available with hardcover.

How much does a Pixum Photo Book cost?

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