MagicBooks Feature on the Pixum App
MagicBooks Feature on the Pixum App

Try our MagicBooks feature in the Pixum app: Automatically created book draft with your own photos.

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Only on the Pixum App: MagicBooks

There must be tons of great photos on your smartphone! How about making a true artwork, a Pixum Photo Book? And what if we say that you would only need a few minutes to make one? Simply let the Pixum app do the job for you!

The new MagicBooks feature is there not only to save your valuable time - it also makes you a unique and high-quality photo gift on any occasion! All you need is the Pixum App. And now - enjoy!

Download Now and Get Creative!

Download Now and Get Creative!

The Pixum App is the fastest way to get high-quality Pixum photo products. Your most beautiful pictures are turned into personalized photo gifts (for Christmas & Valentine's Day) quickly and easily. And all of this in the highest quality!

Here is how you make your Pixum Photo Book via MagicBooks

Simply download the free Pixum app from the App Store or Google Play Store and get started - your personalized photo book is ready in no time! Here is how you use the MagicBooks feature step by step:

1. let the magic begin

1. let the magic begin

  • run the Pixum app and tap on "MagicBooks"
  • the app automatically choses the most suitable photos from your phone storage and adds these to one or several book drafts
2. select a matching size

2. select a matching size

  • decide whether it will be a portrait, landscape or square album.
  • what's your favourite book format?
3. sneak peek

3. sneak peek

  • check how it's worked in the preview.
  • and now it's your turn, the Great Houdini! Tap "Customise" and adjust the draft to get a photo book 100% true to your taste.
4. fine tuning

4. fine tuning

  • add backgrounds, texts, other images and stickers. You can also edit single images or choose a different Layout to make it a pure perfection
  • happy with the result? It's time to get it printed by Pixum!
5. submit the order and be ready

5. submit the order and be ready

  • choose the Paper Type that matches your project idea.
  • did you know, you can also order an E-book to your artwork? Surprise your family & friends living far away with an amazing gift right away. Great as a Last-minute Gift!
  • all set? Enter your PayPal or credit card data and submit the order. Your parcel is on its way to your home in just a couple of days!

Have fun doing some magic!

That's it! Get your Pixum delivery in a few days and enjoy a new artwork created by in (with a bit of magic, of course) on the Pixum app!

Tips on your next Pixum Photo Book

Get to know time-proven creating tips and find some inspiration for your next album!

We are here for you

Feel free to email our customer service on any question: be it a creative tip, a piece of advice on the paper type & size or a hint on a very useful tool.

Pixum app: your new photo gifts ready in no time

Keep your precious memories forever with photo gifts designed on the Pixum app.

The Pixum App for Android and iOS offers great features for the creative minds: be it a Pixum Photo Book or other photo gifts! Simply get creative as soon as you feel inspired, no matter where you are.

What makes it so easy to make an amazing photo gift on the Pixum app? Simple user interface, various creative tools, pre-designed free stickers and, last but not least, no limits to your creativity!

MagicBooks - your benefits at a glance

Make a customized Pixum Photo Book with the magic of the app: try the MagicBooks feature for your recent snaps.

Why not saving time on making wonderful personalized photo gifts?

    The MagicBooks feature recognizes the matching photos on your phone and arranges them to a new Pixum Photo Book. The app sorts & groups the photos and suggests a perfectly harmonious layout - here is how you get a beautiful photo book from scratch. You can still edit the draft just as you wish, page by page, and set new accents in the future album.

Let the app do the job for you and simply make the draft perfect - isn't it a great deal? Now, run the app and let the magic begin.

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