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Paper types for your Pixum Photo Calendar

Perfect as a Christmas Gift: Photo Paper with a Matt Finish

New Paper Type for Your Pixum Calendar

  • high-end quality thanks to FUJIFILM Velvet photographic paper
  • vivid colours: exactly like life
  • elegant matt finish
  • perfect for portraits or wedding photography
A3 (portrait) from £37.95

Paper types to meet any taste

Choose from our four high quality paper types: the lightweight premium paper (digital printing) or the high-end photographic paper for most vivid colours.

Premium paper (matt)

Photo calendars printed on the premium paper (matt) are durable, UV-resistant and produce a colour brilliance without losing out on depth.

  • classic choice for a photo calendar
  • pen-friendly surface (our tip: waterproof pens)
  • 250 g/m² thick

Premium paper (extra matt)

Please kindly note: Extra matt paper is currently unavailable, but is coming back soon!

Give your photos that special velvety touch. For intense contrasts.

  • paper finish is similar to kraft paper - perfect for DIY
  • pen-friendly
  • 260 g/m² thick

Premium paper (glossy)

This sturdy paper provides your photography with great colours and a depth effect at the same time.

  • vivid colours with a protective glossy finish
  • very robust paper (tearproof)
  • 250 g/m² thick

Photo paper (glossy)

High-end paper for professional photographers or those who want to cherish their artworks.

  • true-to-life colours with an elegant glossy finish
  • upgrades simple snaps to a whole new level
  • 230 g/m² thick

Our Tip: Use the Pixum Photo World Software for a Great Variety of free Design Tools

Matching Mood for Each Month

Looking for a completely new layout for each new month? Our free Software sets no limits to your creativity. Use Text elements or stickers to make your calendar to a gem! You can also change the language of the calendar for a little upgrade of your language skills.

Calendar with Design Layouts

Wan to to save some time and make a great photo calendar with as little effort as possible? Benefit from our pre-set Calendar Design Templates and simply add your photos.

Our Tip:
Design Folding Calendar A3 - let your photos shine!

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