5 tips for the perfect calendar for grandparents

Pixum photo calendars are the perfect gift idea for grandparents, whether as a birthday present or for Christmas. However, in order to give this piece of craftsmanship a special touch and to make sure that it is not just a random collection of photos, give it a go using our five tips for the perfect calendar.

Tip #1: The year in pictures

Choose photos of the family from throughout the entire year, each in keeping with the respective months. Here are a few examples:

  • January: Building a snowman
  • February: Children enjoying pancake day
  • April: Children enjoying their Easter eggs
  • June: Summer holiday on the beach
  • July: Children splashing around in an outdoor pool

Tip #2: Include vouchers to really put a smile on their faces

Hide little coupons in your calendar. To do so simply add a small text field to any page and make a note of your coupon there. These need not be large presents ? small gestures are more than sufficient:

  • A delicious meal at our house
  • A joint visit to the zoo
  • A day with Granny and Grandpa ? their choice
  • A surprise visit

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Tip #3: Recreate photos from their childhood

Most families have fun snaps from childhood. One really fun idea is to recreate these photographs from way back in the day. Maybe it?s three fully-grown men sitting in a circle with dolls, drinking coffee from toy cups. Or maybe they?re hanging off the edge of the roof. Or splashing around in a bathtub overflowing with bubbles. You can then display the original alongside the recreated shot in the calendar ? this way they get a bit of a laugh each and every month.

Tip #4: Contemplative words of wisdom

It doesn?t necessarily have to be a calendar with photos of the kids. Dreamy nature shots or memories of days gone by, paired with contemplative words of wisdom are sure to strike a chord with the grandparents. To this end, add text fields to your Pixum photo calendar that are in keeping with these beautiful sayings. To do so, click on ?Add Element? beneath the Editor field ad then select a test field.

Tip #5: Make a 3D calendar yourself

Your calendar will be even more eye-catching if you spruce it up with appropriate accessories. Stick wheat grains onto the photo of the children in the cornfield, a tissue for that photo of a runny nose or recreate the Winter snow with cotton pads.