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Pixum Photo Calendar for children: 5 tips for child-friendly design

Does your child want his or her own calendar for in their room, in which they can note the birthdays of their school friends, football training sessions and music lessons? With Pixum you can design a colourful photo calendar ? ad putting it together really is child?s play. The five tips below show you how you can conjure up a child-friendly design in an instant:

Tip #1: Design calendar for children

Pixum offers numerous pre-prepared themed designs, to which all you have to do is add your photos. On a practical level this also includes several layouts, which are perfect for little ones, for instance with small red toadstools, a swarm of butterflies or with rockets. Simply select a design in keeping with your chosen theme and make things easy for yourself.

Tip #2: Change the background

In the case of self-designed standard calendars, it is incredibly easy to change the background. Rather than going for a boring, plain calendar, you are better choosing a background graphic from the ?Kids? area, where cats, pink princesses, teddy bears and rainbows all await.

Tip #3: Child-friendly clipart

Available exclusively within the Pixum Photo World software there is a wide range of clipart for children. Typical themes include, for example:
  • Fun comic lettering
  • Pirates
  • Fairy tales
  • Animals
  • Toys

Tip #4: Child-friendly templates and frames for photographs

In addition to the kid?s clipart, your Pixum Photo World software also includes numerous templates and frames that you can place around your selected photos. Photos in the shape of clouds, along with oils or with incredibly cute zoo animals are sure to delight your little one.

Tip #5: Select the best photos for children

The photos you choose naturally depend on the desired theme. Here are some ideas:

  • Seasonal photos: Choose photos that are in keeping with the respective month (e.g. Easter egg search in April, a corn maze in September, a Christmas theme in December).
  • Friends:Each page of the calendar proudly presents a photo f a girl or boy from your child's friendship group, ideally pulling a funny face.
  • Family Select the most beautiful moments spent with all the family (e.g. a pillow fight, a shared morning cuddle, shots on the beach on holiday).

Get started now and design a colourful, quirky calendar for your little girl or boy - let your creativity run wild!

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