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Inspiration for your Pixum Photo Calendar

Here you'll find tips and tricks on how to easily design unique and creative Pixum Photo Calendars.

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Add school holidays to your Pixum calendar

When planning your holidays, a calendar is essential for the whole family. It is easy to check at a glance when the children have their school holidays, during which periods they can take leave and which public holidays fall before or after a weekend.

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Add your personal schedule to the photo calendar

With a calendar from Pixum, you have all this information right before your eyes, in a clearly legible format and you can choose the font when you add information to your calendar. Many of the calendars offered up in the Pixum Photo World software give you the ability to automatically add certain parameters such as school holidays and holidays that you've already entered into the system.

To do this, select the option "Birthdays, Start Month ..." in the "Basic design" area. Select the appropriate country or region and check the box next to "School holidays" and "Holidays". Confirm the selection and you will see all the school holidays as well as public holidays in your area.

This makes your annual planning easy-peasy and you'll have saved a lot of time thanks to the automated setting. Now that you're set, you can get down to planning your next holiday!

Pixum tip

  • For the summer months, when the long school holidays come around, choose photos from your last holiday to help you think about the fun that comes with spending with your family
  • Already got your holidays booked? Just enter in the dates via the Pixum Photo World software. Highlight the day of departure with suitable clipart? how about a little plane or cruise ship?
  • Mark the dates where your holiday overlaps with that of other family members. This how you'll be able to quickly see where and when everyone can get together for a little trip.

Creating a Pixum calendar with birthday photos

If you select the square wall calendar, you can select No. 2 for the page layout, since this layout has a lot of space for notes and a structure which is easily understood with a simple glance. All bank holidays as well as the school holidays and weekends are highlighted in a subtle shade of grey. You can change the colour according to your wishes.

If you have important dates coming up, such as birthdays or specific holidays, your wedding day etc. you can add and highlight them with some colour. You can even add photo's for each birthday. Here we explain how you can add photo's to specific dates.