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Text in the calendar: Adding captions correctly

Whether you are using the Pixum Online Editor or the Pixum Photo World software to design your photo calendar, either way you can use text fields to add additional text to your calendar. This way you can round off the overall appearance of your calendar and in so doing make your images even more expressive.

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The correct use of text in your photo calendar

If you want to jazz up a photo calendar with text entries, you should give it the due consideration and thought. Too much text distracts from the images. In particular, it should not cover important areas of the images or the calendar itself. Make subtle use of text and limit what you say to only what is most important.

Tip:Are you already familiar with our design templates? Many of them contain default text fields, which you can also use to decorate your calendar.

Pixum Photo World software

Use our free Pixum Photo World software to design your photo calendar. The software offers numerous possibilities to create your photo products with loads of backgrounds and layouts. Projects can be started, saved and completed at any time.

Which text fits with your calendar?

You can add various content to your calendar, depending on what you want to say. Possible design options might include:

  • The lyrics to your favourite song
  • Remarks made by your kids that correspond to fun photos of them
  • Funny slogans
  • Contemplative sayings and words of wisdom

Pixum tip

Do you want to add a lot of text to your calendar, but do not want to distract from the subject matter? Then add a QR code. You can store the code in the text and this can be called up by whoever happens to be looking at the calendar at a later stage, using a smartphone or tablet.